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WWT '07 San Diego/OC/LA Caravan

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  • WWT '07 San Diego/OC/LA Caravan

    I should be ready to leave around 2:00 pm on Friday, so if you all are passing through I would like to join up for the drive.
    S2KLA/Central Coast Cruisers

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    WWT '07 San Diego/OC/LA Caravan

    Hello Larmoe,
    How about dropping me a PM with your cell # (if you don't mind) and we could contact you or meet around the Las Posas exit off the 101 or wherever else would be closer to you. What do you think? So far I have heard from only one other who may be able to caravan with 05S2K4ME and myself... but we still have some time to orchestrate this.


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      Jen and I will be coming up the 5 to the 73 to the 405. It will be up to her what time we leave. If she works the night before, it could be later because she may want to asleep. If she doesn't work, we'll leave nice and early.


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        WWT 07 North Bound Caravan

        Hello All,

        So far It looks like the following S2kca Members will be joining the drive north.

        s2kx2 John & Carolyn
        05s2k4me & Lee
        Tim & April
        Jgadams Greg & Karen

        If you are coming from the OC/LA area and would like to hook up drop me a PM and we will see if we can hammer out details.
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          Would like more details

          Hi All - I have just joined the club so new to how things work. I am driving up from Santa Monica so would like to join you all at any meeting point. 26th is a holiday for me so can meet at any time. Please advise - looking forward to my first S2K event.


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            Hey So Cal folks! I'm coming over on I-10 from AZ for the WWT. I'm hoping to be in LA around noon so I can stop at the Hollywood sign for a picture! Do you all know what time you're leaving the LA area? Maybe I can hook up with you?


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              We will be leaving around 10:00 AM this Friday. It is about 160 miles from Murrieta to Ventura, and then another 60 miles to Solvang. Depending on traffic we hope to be in Ventura around 1:00, and then take a break while waiting for Larry who will be ready around 2:00. Maybe you can meet up with us in Ventura off of the 101?? Let us know....


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                Mike, that certainly sounds do-able... I'll be trying out a friend's Tom Tom GPS system so if you can give an address to the meeting location, I can try to get there. Who is the leader of this caravan, I'll PM my cell number so we can meet up? Or someone PM me with info and we can coordinate. Thanks!


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                  Dev, I PM'ed you with information.


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                    See you all about 1:00 pm this afternoon. If you want I can take you from here mostly on back roads.
                    S2KLA/Central Coast Cruisers