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Winter Wine Tour '07 Photos

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    Pictures from Sunday...

    The day began with a drive that went well until we came up behind cyclists training

    Parked at Melville. Who says Silverstone is the most common color?

    A private tasting at Melville. Thanks to Cindy for setting this up for us

    Showing off our new hats (thanks Honda!) and more of the banner

    Tasting and comedy at Koehler, where we learned that only three words are required to describe wine: Good, Bad, and Yummy

    Lunch at Koehler, provided by the club - thanks S2KCA!

    Another lunch table. Everyone was very happy we voted to enjoy lunch outside instead of returning to the hotel for it.

    More people enjoying lunch

    One more lunch table

    Winding down and saying goodbye after our tasting at Rideau, our final stop


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      Great pics!!! I wish we could have gone this year, but it was not possible....I definitely plan to go next year!


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        I am posting these for Ted & Cindy;

        Saturday morning on Aliso Canyon before the rain.

        Vinny, Walter, Jaleen, & Jen on the Melville tour.

        We liked it so much we learned how it's made.

        Mike, Carol & Ted look happy on the tour.

        Vinny, Jen, Kerry, Keith & Dev enjoying.

        Mike, Dev & Ted having more fun.

        Discussing the finer points of Cambria's wine.

        Walter,Jaleen, Vinny & Larry at Cambria.

        Just arrived at Cambria and looking for direction.
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          "People Pictures" from Friday and Saturday...

          Balboa Park rendezvous. Does the fool in the shorts really think the rain gods can be tricked into being nice to us?

          Friday reception - wine tasting and laughter

          More laughter at the Friday reception

          Wine tasting at the Cambria winery

          One of three long tables at lunch. As Larry has previously indicated, the waitress at the right single-handedly took served all 43 of us

          Tasting at Edna

          Getting ready for a group shot. The group shot is fine, but the laughter here captures the mood better.

          Saucelito Canyon Winery - the last tasting of the day.

          Three of the people behind WWT 07 - Cindy, Ted, and Larry