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Cabot Trail in a Convertable

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  • Cabot Trail in a Convertable

    Hi Y'all, you really have to visit Nova Scotia's Cape Briton Highlands. We crossed Canada and drove the Cabot Trail in 2005 when our S2000 was new.
    This year we flew into Halifax and rented a Mustang GT convertible. Yes Speedracer, it is RED and it's fast.
    I can understand why tukatz bought a Mustang. The acceleration is a little scary and the exhaust note is sensational but it is a little large. We were surprised at how quiet the car was on the bumpy in shore roads, you could actually hear the radio. The driving with the top down is considerably more windy than the S2000. There is no screen to prevent the back draft from between the seats and you really can't fix it no matter how you adjust the windows.
    Back to the Cabot Trail, the following picture is the worlds largest fiddle in the cruise ship port in Sydney NS.
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    Bob, what's the significance of the fiddle? I would never have thought that NS would be the home of the world's largest fiddle.

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      That looks like a wonderful trip.


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        VERY cool! Thanks for sharing this.

        I too would like to know the background on the fiddle.

        Mustang looks nice... hope they have spares though, seeing as it's red.

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          Cool trip! Looks like a great time.
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          Where have you driven your S2000?


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            We did this trip in the S in 2007. It is beautiful there!

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              oWe did the trip last year in the Fiat 124 great weather and scenic drive as long as you do the trip in the right direction one side is better than the other so you need to have the designated camera person outboard to capture the vistas

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                Brief info on the fiddle.
                Welcome to, the official travel destination website for Cape Breton Island. Explore our site to plan your perfect Cape Breton vacation.

                2001 Silverstone/Black S2000 ~ 134,000 miles
                2005 Berlina Black/Onyx NSX ~ 37,000 miles


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                  Originally posted by Rocketman View Post
                  Bob, what's the significance of the fiddle? I would never have thought that NS would be the home of the world's largest fiddle.
                  Where do I start Sean, in the early years CBC television hosted the Black and White Don Messar and the Cape Britain Islanders. It was a Saturday night staple of fiddle music in our house while growing up. Pretty corny but it was either that or nothing.

                  The Rankin Family and Natalie Mac Master both come from the Island as do the Barra MacNeils, Leahe and Rita MacNiel. If you are at all familiar with Acadian music these names would be familiar and you usually always hear a fiddle in their music. Halifax and Sydney NS were hosts to a cruise ship that was rerouted from it's Bermuda destination because of the present hurricane. The passengers were a little pissed because Canada is NOT Bermuda but the Easterners did their best to welcome them with Bagpipers. Probably scared most of them back onto the boat. On the other hand a Halifax pub crawl led by a Bagpiper is something not to be missed. They even sound pretty good after many many beers.


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                    Not much for car pictures today.
                    IMG_3790.jpgWe ended up at the Keltic Lodge, an elegant 1940's vintage resort.
                    The red chairs match the Mustang.
                    I am really liking the Mustang's exhaust note in the hills. This car will climb most hills at about 1100 RPM without downshifting. I'm not used to the torque! When it does downshift, the sound is glorious. Luckily we never got caught behind a Semi or RV. Must be living right.


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                      Today we drove along the Northeastern tip of Cape Breton Island along fishing villages and some of the most rugged areas of the Cabot Trail.
                      On the west side of Cape Breton, we enjoyed the sights of the Northumberland Shore with its many warm-water beaches – unbelievable to see people in bathing suits at this late date in September! Also lots of hiking trails, motorcycles and bicycles.
                      Our day ended at Glen Breton Distillery where we took a tour of the distillery and are staying overnight to enjoy Glenora Inn where their hospitality includes a four-course dinner and evening music (ceilidh).
                      I'm not much of a whisky drinker but it had the desired effect which is why I am writing this the next day.


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                        This morning we left the Glenora Distillery with a head ache and a full belly.
                        We drove the route back to Halifax with the top down. The weather here has been wonderful the last few days and the beaches still show some wild life. The town of Port Hood boasts having five beaches.
                        We passed through the town of Mabou on the West coast of Cape Breton Island fronting the Gulf of St Lawernce. This fishing port for a small fleet of lobster boats is also home to the Rankin Family a local musical group made famous in the 80's by CBC Radio. The Red Shoe Pub is run by two of the Rankin Sisters,
                        We left Cape Breton the same way we arrived - through the Canso Causeway and we stopped to watch the freighter boats in it's waters. We also stopped briefly in Truro to see the tide either coming or going from the Bay of Funday. The picture is not worth posting but I do love the red mud.

                        Tomorrow morning we have to return "Arnold" the muscle car and make our way home. One thing I have learned is that in these parts with the scenery and winding roads a Mustang Convertible is not a rare sight. The ones that wave are the other renters. . . .