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  • Electronics Overhaul

    I finally got the Berina back from the body shop, after being hit in early May. While it was being fixed (headlights are getting expensive...and crash bars are hard to find!), I started putting a electronics overhaul list together...

    New Alpine HU
    Modern SiriusXM receiver (have the Honda OEM one, if anyone's interested!)
    Dashcam (front and rear)
    Base antenna

    After selling my 05 Infiniti G35 sedan (with 260,000 miles), I needed to swap over the SiriusXM radio (I have a Lifetime subscription - radio and app) from the G35, to one of my cars. As I am contemplating selling the Porsche 944, that I just bought (don't ask), the S2000 was the best choice, as I plan on keeping it forever! This meant sourcing a new HU.

    After getting dumped on by a gravel truck last Spring then getting hit by an inattentive older driver, cutting a corner, this Spring, I wanted to have video evidence of what happened. Between Aaron Blankenship's recommendation and reviews on, I found my dashcam during Prime Day.

    After the Rock the Dragon 2021 event, Aaron also mentioned my communication setup with my drive group sounded spotty. So, I swapped out my headset with a professional headset and upgraded my antenna with a base station model (Aaron uses it for his S2000).

    I got the car back late yesterday afternoon. After getting a notice that my youth sports event (I'm an official) was cancelled, I called AaronCompNetSys to see if he wanted to pitch in getting the items installed.

    Aaron just can't say No to a challenge!!

    So, I showed up at Arron and Lisa's at 6:30. Started on the antenna install. Since I don't carry a spare tire, the space behind the seats was easy to fish lines through. I found a grommet on the driver's side, to fish the antenna wire through. Then, I decided to fish it through one the vents on the back panel, so I didn't cut the panel. I thought about fishing it under the center console, but I would eventually need to cut a hole.

    Next was the SiriusXM antenna and receiver. After reading several posts on S2Ki, I installed the antenna on the underside of the secret compartment lid. I did bore a hole in the back corner, so I could get the cable into the transmission tunnel, to meet up with the other cable loom I have from my previous electronic install (radar detector and Baofeung hardwire battery).

    This loom will have more coming....

    Next was the dashcam. Aaron and I had a hard time deciding where to mount the rear camera. The camera was not waterproof and it had to see, whether it was top up or top down. I thought, just behind the wind deflector might work, but that was too low. Aaron thought typing a strap to the top of the roll bar would work, but I didn't like the aesthetic. Finally, we compromised the adhered it to the underside of the passenger roll hoop. The video is upside down, but it's as stealthy as it can be.

    The front facing dashcam was a much easier install. As we had already taken down the dash molding before, for the radar install last year, we knew where we needed to fish the lines, to get them to where were going, to install the front dashcam. Trying, again to be stealthy, we agreed on a spot, to the left of the radar detector and behind the passenger side of the rear view mirror. I don't need to watch the video on the dashcam, as long as I know it's doing its job. I can pull down the dashcam, to show police what just happened.

    We fed the cable from the rear dashcam to the front one, we fished the cable though the passenger vent, then into the transmission tunnel, to marry up to the electronics loom, mentioned earlier. the right A-pillar is getting crowded!

    Finally, it was time to install new the new Alpine HU. To our pleasant surprise, the previous owner did not splice any of the factory wiring. They were also a big fan of Modifry, as we are! So, DCIs and remote modules were already in place, so this made one of the easier HU installs ever.

    But...there's a SiriusXM receiver to add to the mix!

    The space behind the HU (and above the airbag computer!) was already crowded, from Modifry modules and wiring coming from the passenger side panel from previous radar detector install. Adding the SiriusXM receiver made this a bit more challenging that we thought.

    After 45 minutes fiddling with getting everything working together in a small space, we were able to seat the new HU and screw it in. SiriusXM didn't work initially, as we were in a garage. Once I got out on the street, it lit up. I just needed to transfer my subscription over (did that this morning).

    So, now, the 07 Berlina now has installed:

    Uniden R3
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Uniden R3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	1680631

    Alpine CDE-172BT
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Alpine CDE-172BT Bluetooth Receiver.jpg Views:	1 Size:	56.6 KB ID:	1680633

    Nagoya UT-308UV

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Nagoya UT-308UV.jpg Views:	1 Size:	16.7 KB ID:	1680634

    SiriusXM SXV300v1
    Click image for larger version  Name:	SiriusXM SXV300v1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	112.2 KB ID:	1680635 Click image for larger version  Name:	unnamed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	220.1 KB ID:	1680637

    Vantrure S1
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Vantrure S1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	64.6 KB ID:	1680636

    The new headset

    ...and a few Modifry bits...

    A few pics from the action last night. As both of us were working, we weren't focused on taking pics...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_5635.jpg Views:	12 Size:	1.66 MB ID:	1680632
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_5636.jpg Views:	14 Size:	358.2 KB ID:	1680630

    Many thank to Aaron for his expertise, friendship, love of challenges and his camaraderie. Thanks, Lisa for letting me borrow Aaron... again!
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    That sounds like a major electronics upgrade. I’d like to see it in person the next chance that we get.