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Acura TSX available in 2010 w/ a V6!

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  • Acura TSX available in 2010 w/ a V6!

    Thought this was interesting. Acura is going to make the TSX available in 2010 with a V6!

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

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    I also see that the TL will become available next year with a 6 speed.


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      Wow! Both the fact that the TSX will be available with a V6, and the TL with a 6 speed manual tranny are very good news to me; I've been thinking about one of these as a daily driver... IMO either of these will be worth waiting for.


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        Try the TSX out with the I-4 first. I can't speak to the current model, we have an '04 TSX. We considered similar size cars, some with V-6's, but felt the combination of price/mileage/power was best with the TSX. In reality, not much else compared in handling or driving feel. Well, a BMW would have but was way over our budget (I had a 328i previously and loved that car - it is the standard I used for comparison and the TSX was the only one to truly compare).
        I don't know if the V-6 will upset the handling balance - the TSX is pretty good for FWD. Had a previous gen TL as a loaner once and thought the TSX was more neutral.
        Again, depends what one can afford and how much power one needs. If my budget had been more generous I might have gotten something more powerful than the TSX - same goes for my S2000 decision too. I love power as much as the next guy or gal...
        Anyway, just tossing out the possiblilty that the current motor might be enough.


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          Try the TSX out with the I-4 first...
          Good point. I've driven the I-4 TSX and liked the car; practical, affordable, & fun. My comparison was also BMWs; we've happily owned five Bimmers, and only one was a lemon with unsolvable electrical issues. I actually came to the S2K from a '00 Z3 that I traded in with 119K trouble free miles (my neighbor still has their 01 S2K that I used as a comparison car... I just couldn't shake %[email protected]#$*! S2000s from my tail in the canyons).

          IMO - the Acura TSX and TL look good (the rear of the new TL will need some time to grow on me though), and offer VERY GOOD price/performance/reliability vs. competition.


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            The new TSX has lost most of the driver feel that the previous generation has IMHO. I have an '07 as a daily and get the new TSX as a loaner when my car is in for service. It just isn't the same. Therefore, I think they have to add more "power" to make it feel like it's a fun car to drive again.

            That said. I get over 30mpg on the highway and usually average about 28-29 for a tank of mixed driving. This probably wouldn't be the case with the V6.

            My $.02.
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              the us Honda accord has a v6, why shouldn't the Euro I mean tsx

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