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  • Been gone for awhile!

    Cliff Notes: I got robbed and never buy an HP product

    I have not been on S2KCA in forever. lol

    Anyway I moved from my parents house in Richmond out towards the Kemah/League City area.

    A couple of weeks after I moved in (my dads sailboat) someone broke into the boat and stole everything I had while I was away. Including my sax, editing computer and pretty much everything important to me electronics wise. Then two days later the only other computer I had ( my laptop ) crapped out on me (never getting an HP product again).

    That's a large part of the reason I have disappeared.

    In the midst of all this crap I am changing my clutch out myself on my S with only a few hours on the weekends to dedicate to my car. ( things are moving slow with the car)

    The good new is that my S will be done soon and the police tracked one of the items from a serial number I gave them down to a pawn shop on the north side of Houston which from there hopefully they can find who it is etc. etc.

    I think the combined pressure of the Marina and the other boat owners that got broken into have the Kemah police on top of their $hit. The police never really gave me the time of day for stuff like this at my parents house in Richmond. I'm impressed.

    I have a pretty good idea on who it could have been, I'm kind of excited to find out.

    PS- I like the new look of the site, it looks great!!


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    Welcome back Scott. Sorry things have been crappy for you. I hope you get your stuff back.

    "It's rocket science but it's well understood rocket science." - Naveen Jain

    2005 S2000 Silverstone Metallic - Fujita F5, ACT HDSS clutch, Work Emotion XD-9, Cobalt XR3 brake pads, Russell SS brake lines,
    Mugen reservoir socks, Modifry glove box organizer, factory headrest speakers, factory Ti shift knob, S2KCA logo throughout


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      Originally posted by Rocketman View Post
      Welcome back Scott. Sorry things have been crappy for you. I hope you get your stuff back.
      Thanks, yea I think everything is starting to turn around. lol


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        The thieves were X-Boat owners that use to live in that marina. I already got some of my stuff back.