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  • An Observation

    Well it's Saturday morning in Central Ohio and as usual I open up the Columbus Dispatch;read the Sports page and then head to the cars section

    I read the articles and then turn to see all the deals they are advertising.With the auto industry and auto sales the way they are there are huge 1 and 1-1/2 page ads for Saturn.....Chevrolet ..........Ford ........Audi/BMW and 1/2 page and 1/3 page ads for every other manufacturer but Honda/Acura

    Can things be that good at the local Honda dealerships that they don't need no stinking advertisements ?

    I'm thinking this is odd;but sometimes they advertise in the sports section so I look and ....nope

    The local new car show is on this weekend and one would think they'd be blitzing the local paper at least


    So the question I have is this if the plants are only producing cars 3 days a week and with all part-time and contract workers gone after April 1

    Why wouldn't American Honda push the dealers or itself take out full page ads ?

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    I assume they feel they don't need to.
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    I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
    After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.


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      They dont need to advertise.

      And if they did, they'd do it in a TV commercial or online, rather than the newspaper...I mean, afterall the newspaper is a supposedly a dying publication right?


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        Originally posted by gomarlins3 View Post
        I assume they feel they don't need to.
        If you would see the hundreds of Honda's sitting at our old Ford plant parking lot you would know different.
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          The car sells itself.
          my dealer does not advertise AT ALL -- no signs nothing in the papers, no TV time nodda...
          and where off the highway ( where ALLLLLLLL the other dealers are at withen a 3 mile stretch) and we are busier at my place now, then the other "updated" highway honda stores.

          Honda wants us up on the highway, but w. the numbers we're showing everymonth they let it slide..
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            I don't understand the reasoning of the OP. Honda and/or its dealers should advertise because everyone else is?

            In any case, I know I've seen a Honda ad recently on TV. I think it was actually last night during the BSG finale.


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              Honda has always been rather lax about advertising while Toyota isnt shy about it at all.


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                In Ontario Canada, Honda does some advertising but they are offering rebates like never before.
                A friend of mine just purchased a Honda Civic Sport and he got 0.9 % for 4 years plus 1000 cash back for being a previous Honda owner plus 500 cash back for buying a standard tranny and 300 above dealer invoice.
                Normally they would not need to give any incentives.
                Another freind of mine purchased a fully loaded CRV EX-L for 28,900 which lists here for 37,900.
                Yes list prices are higher in Canada !
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