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  • Need your prayers

    So my left eye has been bothering me for a while now so i went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago to check it out. He said it looked fine but reffered me to a specialist to make sure. I put it off and i finaly went today. It turns out that my left eye is just drying up faster than usual and eye drops will fix the problem. After further examination though he found that my retinal in my right eye is thin and i have a hole in it. At this point my mind and heart are going crazy so forgive me if i don't remeber what he called it. But he said if it gets bigger or detaches i can loose my eye sight in that eye. He suggested laser surgery as soon as possible. The laser surgery would go around the hole to keep it in place and keep it from getting larger. I did some research and this is usually accurs in people who are 50 or older (i am 27), eye injury (never had any injury), diabetes(don't have thank god), and nearsighted (which i am). My surgery will be next week sometime. I hope that all is well and can use some help from prayers. Thanks everyone in advance. I will keep you posted with any further details.

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    Best wishes. The things they can do with eye surgery these days is beyond my ability to comprehend but they are successful at it. I would be confident that yours will be as well.
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      ask your eye doctor about a gel that you can put in your eye overnight, that is where a lot of the damage occurs because you are not blinking your eyes. hope you get well soon.


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        Mikey- I'm still shocked since you told me today.
        anything you need, you got my man... you or Irene!
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          I'm going to send a link to one of our members who knows a great deal about retinal surgery. Don't know if he'll pipe up because he's mighty tied up this month.


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            My thoughts and prayers are with you.....


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              Get well soon man!!! You are in my prayers!


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                thanks guys for everything.


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                  Keep your hopes up and believe in your faith. Through Him, all things are possible. We'll keep you in our prayers.

                  Keep us updated on your progess.

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                    Here's to a speedy and full, successful recovery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

                    My father had surgery to correct a detached retina in both eyes! Ten years later he's doing great!

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                      Originally posted by C G View Post
                      I'm going to send a link to one of our members who knows a great deal about retinal surgery. Don't know if he'll pipe up because he's mighty tied up this month.
                      I'm guessing you're referring to genghiskwong? . Sounds like some form of retinal detachment.

                      Anyway, have a speedy recovery and best wishes!

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                        Mike, add my wishes for a speedy recovery to the list. My brother had surgery for a detached retina when he was in college, so age is not always a factor. The key to success is to get it fixed quickly and by someone who's really good. After that, I'm sure they will monitor you periodically to make sure things are OK. Expect a period of no lifting after the surgery. I'm waiting to hear your report of a successful outcome. Eric


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                          Mike...... Sory to hear you're having some problems.

                          The retina in my left eye detached 12 years ago during a Labor Day sailboat race [what GREAT timing THAT was]. Because of the size the surgeon reattached it [the next day] using the scleral buckle procedure instead of the laser technique.

                          Have had no further problems with it is almost perfect [20/20 corrected] with no visual distortion worth mentioning.

                          Hang in there .......I know it's scary but I'm sure you'll be just fine. Unless I miss my guess it' ll be an outpatient procedure [ mine was] and you'll be back on the road in no time.

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                            Here's to a speedy and full, successful recovery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers
                            Surely you can't be serious!
                            I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley...

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                              The best to you, I'm sure you will be fine!


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                                Thanks again everyone. my appointment is next friday, i will keep everyone posted on details. I at least get the weekend off from work.


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                                  Good luck. I promise you this sounds scarier than it is. Laser retinopexy (spot welding of a retinal tear or hole) is bread and butter for a retina specialist and something all ophthalmologists are trained to do.

                                  This is sort of similar to reaction people feel when you explain that you regularly take turns at close to twice the posted speed limit fear is from the unknown.

                                  laser retinopexy is very safe. it is similar to a pink floyd laser light show, but without the music. The laser itself supposedly feel like an annoying pin prick and can give you a headache. You typically are given an eye drop to numb. Occasionally you may need an injection (nerve block).
                                  it takes about a week to 10 days for the laser spots to mature into a scar.

                                  depending on how near sighter you are correlates with your risk of tears and detachment. the near sighted eye is actually larger than a normal eye (unfortunately this doesn't correlate with "shoe size"....) The retina is on greater stretch/tension which makes it more prone to tears.
                                  Another risk factor are areas of weakness called lattice degeneration. these are weakspots that some people are born with.
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                                    there are different types of tears. most common are horseshoe tears because they sort of look like horseshoes if you imaging really hard..... also common are retinal holes. holes are less likely to progress to a detachment and some doctors feel they may not need to be treated.

                                    until the laser spots mature, you are still at risk for a retinal detachment.(although unlikely). The big signs to be aware of are 1) floaters (a whole lot of then, not the couple everyone has) 2. flashers (a whole lot of then, not the couple the almost everyone has - notice a trend?) 3. a "curtain in your vision" - this is a loss of vision coming from the periphery (top, bottom, left, or right). These are things to call you doctor either immediately or at the latest first thing in the morning.

                                    feel free to PM or email if you have specific questions.

                                    insert generic medico-legal disclaimer
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                                      I am 29 and I had a detached retina last year. It really isn't a big deal -- I actually drove home after the surgery.

                                      They say it does not hurt... I do not want to scare you... but it is definitely uncomfortable. It is extremely bright. The Dr kept telling me where to look and I didn't want to look there because I knew he would push the button again as soon as I did. It was really bright haha. The whole surgery lasted like 5 minutes. The doctor told me how they fixed it before this new lazer and now that scared me... he said he would of had to of removed my eyeballs because my detachment was on the back side and that I wouldn't of been allowed to move my head for two weeks etc etc.... with the lazer he was able to avoid burning the front part and he just burned the part in the back that needed to be welded. It is amazing what technology we have now days.

                                      FWIW, I had no symptoms (floaters, blackspots etc), I was just in for a routine check up when they found it.


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                                        Wow, thanks again for all of the advice. After hearing all of this and doing some more research on it, i am fealing a little more comfy. JohnDavid your story sounds just like mine. 2 days to surgery, i will keep everyone posted. And thanks again for all of your advice and kind words.