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the worst vandalized s2000 ever...

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  • the worst vandalized s2000 ever...

    Not my car....

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    It's amazing that there are people like in this world that still feel like this...It's sad, but there is a place for them and they will get whats comin to them either here or afterwords...


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      It had to have been someone he knows, and someone who knows S2000's. He pissed off the wrong person.

      I looked at the pic of the gas door, doesnt look like it was pryed open, so someone new where the release was.

      None of the windows are broken and the hardtop is in tact, so how'd they get into it?

      By the damage they did, cutting wires under dash, under the hood, bashing ecu, it had to have taken them atleast 30 minutes and couldnt have been quiet about it, so where the hell was this guy?????

      If this was random, how did they know this guy was jewish?

      Still sucks that theres people out there that would do this, but I think this is all a little fishy.
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        This wasn't a hate crime. Skinheads don't methodically look for the ECU and then bash it to pieces as well as specific expensive critical components. I am betting its an ex-girlfriend that got the new boy to "take out" the last boy....


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          Looks like a hate crime to me. People are sad...they dont know the hurt that come of their actions. karma will take care of them no doubt.


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            Whatever it was, that's just so wrong. Some people just suck! Hopefully the perpetrator(s) will get caught and suffer stiff consequences.

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