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Beer goggles are no excuse anymore...

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  • Beer goggles are no excuse anymore...

    I find this study/article fascinating, yet wrong on so many levels at the same time.

    Does Beer (Goggling) Affect Whom We Find Attractive?
    The study suggests that guys who claim they were too drunk to notice that a girl was underage are probably lying, since drunkenness doesn't have much to do with one's ability to estimate age or attractiveness. But that raises a disturbing conclusion: you don't have to be drunk to think the girl next door looks better than your wife. It may be wired into your genes.
    Discuss amongst yourselves. I'll have to make a quick trip to the fridge...
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    beer friend me good

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      that's BS, I watch Mythbusters!!! They told me otherwise


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        Ok, well these are my thoughts on the matter. I fell in love with my wife when she was 16. She is slightly over 16 now but still looks 16 to me. So, it is clear that I am attacted to a girl that look 16 (my wife).

        BTW we are clebarting the 30th anaversry of our first date tonight. I will make sure she drinks lots of beer.
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          Completely false.
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            Having rather broad general parameters about extramarital issues from the outset (body temperature not too far above 95°F, ambulatory, a checking account, at least one savings account, good health care insurance, no car payments or student loans) girls are totally eliminated in favor of women. If you get your parameters right, you'll never fall into that sort of trouble.

            On the other hand, since my wife was 5 when I met her and 15 when I first dated her, 17 when we got engaged and 23 when we got married, there may be a sparkle of truth in what these British fops have concluded from this faulty study.