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  • Keeping a chapter alive

    Saw this post in another thread and it made me think. Stu, I hope you don't mine, but I needed your words.

    Originally posted by Stuart Rudolph
    Off topic, I'm rather sad to see that the Suncoast Chapter has pretty much faded away. No events and no posts in quite sometime. Wonder what happened?

    Ways to keep a chapter alive and well.

    Should it be the chapter director who has to do all the work? He/she should try to keep the chapter active, but I don't think they need to do all the work, members can help out in different ways.

    A chapter director should plan GTG's, Drives and what ever else he/she can think off, something once a month, to keep people coming out.
    Pick a good place to eat and the second Saturday of each month at 8pm, meet there. If you have some good roads, plan a drive 4-5 times a year.

    Others can plan a Happy Hour, GTG for dinner, at any time. Got a nice "hole in the wall restaurant", let others know about it, got a place you like to stop for drink after work, tells others about it. There where times that MsS2000 and I went out to eat and posted about it, sometimes we had 10 people, some times just her & I. We where going anyway, so it was easy to ask others.

    Got plans to detail the car next weekend, see if anyone wants to come over and clean their car too, maybe cook some burgers.

    My point is that to keep a chapter active, takes some work, but it can be simple things (K.I.S.S.). Got other ideas, lets hear them.

    A club or chapter is what you put into it.
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    Good points Bruce!!!!
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        Great points Coop!

        The success of a chapter depends on both the chapter director and the members. If things are silent, then the members need to whip the chapter director and get him/her more involved Vice versa, if the members are all MIA, the chapter director can only hold so many GTGs when they're the only attendee.

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