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Teach your kids how to drive a stick. It might save their life.

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  • Teach your kids how to drive a stick. It might save their life.

    "It's rocket science but it's well understood rocket science." - Naveen Jain

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    The flaw in your logic is that if we teach all kids to drive stick, the protection goes away.

    Reverse herd immunity, in vaccination terms.
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      Seems to me this young woman was taught a lot more than just how to drive stick, in addition to a lesson about how history repeats itself and you better be willing and ready to fight like hell if you want to not be raped, brutalized, and possibly murdered.

      "Dinsmore thought about her mother, Beth Turner, who had narrowly avoided being assaulted while in college decades ago.

      Turner had drilled her daughter on how to react in similar spots: Stay calm. Don't let them get you alone. Try to escape.

      "If they get you out of the public eye, they're going to do something worse to you and shoot you anyway," Dinsmore recalled her mother saying."


      "Wait... r.murphy isn't a dude?"
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        The other problem with that story's premise is that finding cars with manual transmissions are becoming more and more difficult to find. Heck, we couldn't even get the style pick-up we wanted without it having an automatic.
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