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How To: best practices to apply a static cling decal.

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  • How To: best practices to apply a static cling decal.

    The lifespan of a static cling decal is directly impacted by the quality of the material as well as proper installation of the decal. I recently had cause to do a lot of research on the topic and thought it might be helpful to share some of the information I learned.

    How do I apply a small (eg: 2x4) cling decal to my car?

    For best longevity, these clings are designed to be placed on the INSIDE of the vehicle glass. I recommend the windshield or wind deflector. Rear glass window is an option, but be aware that the defogger coils --if used frequently where you live-- may shorten the lifespan of your cling. Windows which roll down should be avoided as they can damage the cling.

    Thoroughly clean the area where you plan to place the cling. Allow the surface to dry. Carefully remove cling from backing (do not get dust or dirt on it!). Apply lightly to the glass surface starting from the center of the cling and working your way out. Using a squeegee (avoid using credit cards as they can damage the cling), carefully squeegee out any air bubbles starting from the center of the cling and working your way to the outer edges. The cleaner the surface and the more carefully and thoroughly you remove any bubbles the longer the cling will last in your chosen location. You can remove and re-apply as needed, but be careful to not damage the cling when you do so. Follow the same methods as described to properly re-apply the cling.

    P.S. No this post is NOT about how to acquire any kind of cling decal. This is a "how to" post. How to apply a cling decal. PLEASE do not ask in this thread how to get a cling decal because doing so may cause discussions which could result in the wholesale deletion of useful instructions that other people might want in about 2-3 days.

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    Thank you Roseanne.
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      I found out the hard way DO NOT use a razor blade to help removing a decal from the wind deflector. It works just fine on glass but the deflector is made of an acrylic and a blade will scratch it.


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        Ouch! Damn Bobby! There are some repair kits I've seen for scratched acrylic, you might try looking online. Hopefully you stopped pretty quick.
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