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First Impressions: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

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  • First Impressions: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

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    Its easy to give href="cars/honda/index43.html" class='spip_in'>Honda grief over the href="cars/honda-ridgeline/ke261.html" class='spip_in'>Ridgeline. Its not a real truck, scoffers say. You cant tow with it or go off-road, are common gripes. Well, thanks to the 2016 Truck Rodeo put on by the Texas Auto Writers Association, I had my first in-person encounter and drive experience with the href="cars/honda/2016-honda-ridgeline-baja-race-truck-ar171676.html" class='spip_in'>Ridgeline. I can tell you the Ridgeline is very real I touched it and drove it. Its also not bad at tackling moderate off-road trails and its rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds.
    Of course, naysayers are talking the Hondas unibody construction, four-wheel independent suspension, and FWD/AWD powertrain layout when berating the Ridgeline. Sure, the Ridgeline doesnt fit the traditional mold of a body-on-frame pickup, but Id wager it offers more functionality and capability than 80 percent of modern truck buyers actually need. href="cars/ford-f-150/ke423.html" class='spip_in'>F-150s, href="cars/dodge/2013-2014-ram-1500-ar127514.html" class='spip_in'>Ram 1500s, and href="cars/chevrolet-silverado/ke1787.html" class='spip_in'>Silverados are cool and all, but they do come with trade-offs like a harsh ride, lower fuel economy, and a size that doesnt fit in many residential garages.
    For those who actually need the capabilities of a href="cars/fullsize-cars/ke4304.html" class='spip_in'>full-size href="cars/pickup-trucks/ke242.html" class='spip_in'>pickup, theres really no substitute. But for those folks who like the idea of a pickup, occasionally pull a small trailer, or might go camping once a year, those full-size capabilities are not being utilized. The Ridgeline splits the difference between the full-size (and even mid-size) pickup category and the ever-popular href="cars/crossover/ke288.html" class='spip_in'>crossover href="cars/suv/ke145.html" class='spip_in'>SUV.
    I spent some time going over the 2017 Ridgeline at the Truck Rodeo from its 3.5-liter V-6 to its lockable in-bed storage trunk. Keep reading for my first impressions.
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    Front end looks very nice indeed, much nicer than any of the other recent Honda products.
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      El Camino.
      Not a car, not a truck.
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        Well, my wife bought one ... and we love it!
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          Wow! It's nice to see the Honda RSS feeds again. Did somebody fix something or has Honda not had anything newsworthy for the last year or so?


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            I believe the RSS feeds were turned off because they were annoying as hell at the time. They are basically just advertisements/spam.

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