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Indication of which forums are restricted?

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  • Indication of which forums are restricted?

    Hello all,

    I've just registered on the site, as I was linked to the awesome "How To" subforum and wanted to take a look through some of the various cool things to do with my S2000. I understand that some of the forums are restricted to paying members, but I can't seem to figure out any way to tell which forums are restricted? It seems that I only have access to a small handful of the subforums at the moment and I can't seem to find a "new members read this" sort of post that highlights what paying and non paying members can access? Apologize if my verbage isn't quite right and if I've missed the basics


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    Excellent question!

    Might take awhile for an Administrator to respond, so here's a quick overview:

    Anything in S2KCA Members Forum, Tech & How To, and (in theory) the upcoming S2KDays event forum are private for paid members.

    Anything in Event Forums (except for the aforementioned upcoming S2KDays), S2000 Marketplace, Public Forums, and Regional forums are all viewable to any logged in account.

    I've listed them in order as those sections appear on the page for you. Good luck with finding the answers you seek! Lots of good information out there on the Internet about this car.

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      Thank you Roseanne!

      Thats really helpful to have a bit of a decoder ring