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Not only does Chicago have idiot mayors and gangsters...

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  • Greg Stevens
    Well, guess what else we can add to this list...TORNADOS!

    Not just in Chicago, but I just heard that Illinois has had 127 tornados up to this point in the year. That may seem like a lot, but generally a yearly total is about 30!

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  • Greg Stevens
    Rowland, I'm afraid that is all too true. There are many among us who want our destruction. I'm glad they found this guy, but he is just the tip of a huge international iceberg. Even the perps who flew the planes in the World Trade Center towers were TRAINED by us, then they use our very own things as the tools of ther wrath.

    Hope we root out more of these insidious moles...and they are punished to the maximum extent of the law!

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  • Rowland
    Guest replied
    I guess the only surprise to me is that he did not receive his citzienship. You can rest assure there are many more like this and not just from Iraq.

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  • Not only does Chicago have idiot mayors and gangsters... we have Iraqi agents! No, he's not been convicted (yet), but he may has well called his company "I Spy, Inc."

    Here's the story from

    Illinois man accused of being Iraqi agent
    Wednesday, July 9, 2003 Posted: 2:08 PM EDT (1808 GMT)
    CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- An Illinois man who allegedly collected information about Iraqi opposition groups in the United States has been arrested on charges of failing to register as an agent of Saddam Hussein's regime, according to federal prosecutors.

    Khaled Abdel-Latif Dumeisi, 60, of Oak Lawn, a Chicago suburb, is set to make an initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

    According to the complaint against Dumeisi, his arrest was triggered by evidence found at a Baghdad safe house of the Iraqi intelligence service. The evidence contained information about an agent code-named "Sirhan" operating in the United States, the complaint said.

    Dumeisi has not been charged with espionage.

    The complaint alleges that Dumeisi, president of an organization called Around-the-World News Inc., was trained to use a hidden camera with a pen and microphone to record interviews with Iraqi opposition members.

    Around-the-World News, incorporated in Illinois, was said to distribute and print periodicals in English and Arabic.

    The complaint also alleges that Dumeisi produced fake press identification cards for use by Iraqi intelligence officials.

    According to the complaint against Dumeisi, he applied for U.S. citizenship in December 2001, but that application was denied in November 2002 because he failed to provide documents requested by immigration officials.

    Correspondent Kelli Arena contributed to this report.