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anyone in St. Louis, MO?

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  • anyone in St. Louis, MO?

    Hi there,

    Will we get together motor in St. Louis area, please?!
    or any event going on around this area?!

    Thank you!

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    I need help on fixing my clutch on my s2k , but yea im from saint louis


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      so do you guy have any activities in our area?!
      i'm wondering!
      since I don't see much S2K in St. Louis lei!


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        I'm from the St. Louis area, too. I hang out mostly at s2kca our of preference, but it seems most of the get togethers in out neck of the woods are thrown by the other site. So, just in case you didn't know, it might be worth your time to check their StL chapter. I know they throw a once a month casual dinner thing up north, but I as of yet haven't made it out.
        My S is bedded down anyway
        Good to see some StL people in here regardless.