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  • Winter Storage Question

    I know there are a thousand how to answers on the board, but I wanted some opinions. I received a company car in the middle of January so my S has been sitting in the garage covered ever since. I start it up once a week and take it for a ride around the block, weather permitting. What are things that I should do since the car won't be driven regularly until spring/summer. Stable? Not start it? etc Please let me know, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    The best thing you can do is put fresh oil in it, unplug the battery, and let it sit. Starting it up for only a few min is not great for the engine. Its not gonna kill it tho. But you are wasting your time by doing that. Some people go as far as to stuff rags in the exhaust, and the intake to keep animals out. If you have a battery tender put that on the battery every so often to make sure it keeps its charge. I dont store mine, but these are the best things to do when you plan to store it long term. I cant remember what the best thing was to do with fuel tho. I think I heard it was best to put a full tank of high test in, and some fuel stable stuff and let it sit.


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      Yep, change the oil, park it and pull the battery. Alternately you can attach a trickle charger to the battery. This will save resetting the radio.

      I add fuel stabalizer and fill the tank so condensation won't be a problem.

      There is a nice product made in Minnesota called Fresh Cab that farmers use to keep rodents out of farm equipment. It smells much better than Moth Balls and does keep the mice out. One bag in the trunk, one under the hood and one in the cab.

      Careful not to use Fresh Cab for more than 1 or 2 years. Once the smell gets to the point that it doesn't deter the mice, it makes good mice food. Go figure!

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