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non-S2K: GMAN FCA event 9-10 AUG

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  • non-S2K: GMAN FCA event 9-10 AUG

    The Midwest/Central Region F-club is holding a track event this weekend at Gingerman Raceway. Attendance is open to other marques, although there are several interesting cars in the paddock and on the grid.

    One ($$) Chicago-area guy tracks both an F40 and a 333SP -- some of you might have seen it at the recent Oak Street and Oakbrook shows. Several other notable cars, including some historic racecars, Lamborghini roadcars, etc.

    I'm on the standby instructor list, but looks like they're OK.
    Might be there anyway to spectate and help out.


    Great opportunity to see some of these rare machines in action, just as Enzo, Ferrucio, Soichiro and the other creators intended.

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    I thought about trying to sign up for this event, but there is a car show that a bunch of us go to at Botham Winery in Wisc on Sunday. We really don't go for the show, we go for the drive and the wine!!
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      Had a great time -- turns out they already had the instructors covered, but ended up helping out Sunday. Got to grab some nice rides in the vintage Alfa race/rallye car -- just came back from a big race in Tasmania, and also participated in the Carrera Panamericana (Mexico).

      A fun time... lots of cool cars -- 333SP, a Daytona prototype (BMW V12 powered), a 360 Challenge car, a lot of nice streetcars (360, Lambo Countach, several 355s, a few Porsche 911s, etc). Lots of cool vintage hardware too -- older Alfas and a cool old Volvo sports coupe (with full cage and fuel cell).

      a few pix from the event at