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Chicagoland meet Wed 9/3

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  • Chicagoland meet Wed 9/3

    Just wanted to let everyone know a bunch of us from S2ki are meeting up at Busse woods on Wed Sept 3rd. If you are interested you can go here:

    Upper Mid-West S2000 Owners - Chicagoland meet, need your vote on date - Ok, it looks like most of us are busy with other events going on in the next couple of weeks. It looks like our next real possibility of another get together will be after Labor Day weekend. Shift9k and I were thinking of Sept 3,4, or 5. We need...

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    Not sure that I'll have my engine back in the car but where 's the Hooters in the event that I can not make Busse Woods?


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      I would think that they are talking about the one in Schaumburg. If so, then its just off the corner of Meacham(sp?) and Golf Rd. It's on the outer perimeter of woodfield mall. That's not too clear, but the best that I can do.

      Are you going to go (with or without the S2000)?


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        The hooters in Schaumburg is where we are going to meet after the "cruise" we'll probably be there about 8:30pm.


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          I'm not sure I'm up for meeting at Busse Woods, I may, but will not participate in any drive. I will then meet back up at Hooters for food...we'll see.

          You guys should start using this forum to post get togethers, a lot of the regular Chicago crowd tend to look in this forum for local events.

          Just a thought.