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Chicago area Weekend Meet?

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  • Chicago area Weekend Meet?

    I am trying to put together an S2000 meet for Chicagoland owners. I am thinking about Sept 14th or 21st right now. We could do a cruise with a forrest preserve BBQ afterwards, we could cruise down to Starved Rock (For a BBQ or restraunt lunch or just to turn around and come back.) We could head over to NW Indiana and involve the guys from "there" (j/k Hoosiers) We could cruise around up north mabey meetup with some Cheeseheads.

    Suggestions, comments, issues? Post 'em below. For some this could be thier last cruise of the year, let's make it memorable!

    Let's get a RECORD for a Chicagoland meet. The MOST cars ever in this area.

    This has also been posted "over there" in the Upper-Midwest forum.

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    That would mean a meet with over 35 cars present. We did a 33 car meet back in 2000 and drove up/out to Road America for the BRIC event that year.


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      September 19-21 is the weekend for the vintage races and shows up at Road America. Try another one. Lots of us will be at Road America for that weekend.

      BTW, I will not be able to make the 14th personally because I'm driving to Putnam Park for the Lotus Track day on Monday. Just letting you know what my excuse is well in advance.


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        Yeah sure. You told me a "lot" of you would be at the Vintage race in July(?) too and I saw 1 other S2000 up there! Excuses, excuses!

        OK, 35 is the target! The gauntlet is thrown!

        BTW -- I would be willing to put the 28th down as an option. Does that work better for anyone?


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          The 28th is the USGP, I don't know how many are going, but that may exclude a lot of people. I know that I'll be in Indy.


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            14th is better for me..... Keep us updated!


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              14th works for me, though it's kinda short notice.

              S2KCA - The S2000 Club of America


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                14th... I should be in town...

                Now I just need to get a new license plate sticker for the car...

                I've been busy with USCC prep work. It sucks that it coincides with the USGP this year, but one must have priorities!


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                  Yeah, I know it's short notice. It does NOT look like the 14th is a go.

                  I did get some info on Starved Rock and that will definatly be the destination. There are picnick areas to grill some lunch and open areas to play softball, football, or even frisbee. There are hiking trails and rock climbing areas.

                  I think this will offer quite a few possibilities for people to find something that appeals to them.

                  I know the 27th/28th is a tough weekend for people. I am starting to consider the 4th or 5th of October, but I don't think I will let it slip past that.


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                    5th is S2kdays.... Don't think you'll get much reception from folks over here

                    S2KCA - The S2000 Club of America


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                      The last weekend in Sept is the USGP, the S2KDays, then Gingerman on October 12...

                      "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
                      --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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                        Why not turn the Chicago-area meet on the weekend of Oct. 4-5 into a Chicago area drive to Austin.

                        S2KDay's '01 was amazing, and will not be missing the upcoming one! I suggest for those that can make the weekend get-away do so.


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                          I would like to go, but just can't swing it this year.

                          It's starting to look like the 27th.


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                            Here is an OUTLINE of the basic plan.

                            We will meetup at Busse Woods around 10:30AM for the people that live in that area. I will choose one to two points along the route to stop and "pick-up" other drivers that do not wish to travel out of the way to go to Schaumburg.

                            We will cruise to Starved Rock. I will have cue sheets available to follow so no one has to worry about getting lost or falling behind (or even racing ahead.)

                            We will BBQ at Sarved Rock. Perhaps play some Softball or Hike or whatever people want to do.

                            My car is (suprisingly enough) not big enough to hold everything for us to use to party so this will require some cordination. People are going to need to sign up to bring some items.

                            I suggest everyone bring a cooler with drinks for themselvs.

                            I am asking people to volunteer to bring the following items:

                            Hamburger Patties
                            Hot Dogs
                            Hamburger and Hot Dog buns.
                            Condiments (Catsup, Mustard, etc.)
                            Paper Plates and napkins (or paper towels.)
                            Plasticware and cooking utensils (spatula and tongs)
                            Side items (please sign up for a side item.)
                            Suggestions for sides: Salad, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Chips
                            Charcoal and lighter fluid

                            If everyone brings something I am sure we will have PLENTY to eat.

                            Any other ideas, suggestions welcome. Let me know.

                            Please post your interest in attending along with how many people will be attending and what you intend to bring. All cars are welcome, not just S2ks.

                            Here is the current Count:

                            Sylvir is down for Dogs and Brats
                            Stvtmr is down for Bat and Softball, as well as paper goods.
                            ChiS2K +3 is down for Hamburger patties.
                            s2fast725 is down for Charcoal and Fluid
                            ILL Roller +2 is down for ???
                            Marty J n' S2k is down for ???


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                              Since there's no beer someone better bring soft drinks. Actually because of the active nature of the event...lots of beverages is always good.


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                                I suggested everyone bring their own drinks.