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Anybody going to the INDY 500 Sunday?

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  • Anybody going to the INDY 500 Sunday?

    I figured I would put this out there, since its kind of a big race

    If anybody is coming up, down or over and would like to come to the infield for some or let me know!! We will be toward turns 3 and 4 and will have a big tent set up with grills and a poker table and two cornhole games going. This is not an S2K group, but my friends that we go with every year.

    Post here or PM me for my cell and look forward to seeing anybody who is coming!!!


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    I'll be there! This is my first Indy 500, and I'm tagging along w/ my father-in-law and brother-in-law (plus his father-in-law).

    Do we need special tix to get to the infield? Let me know how to get in touch, and I'll try to head down and meet up w/ you.

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      PM sent Chris...

      Here is the map of the inside of the track...I will be in the P8 area...just click on the pic and will show the zoom arrows...


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        I'm going..................

 watch it.
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          OK........we watch some of the race too........ we can actually walk over to the hill in the shortshoot b/w 3 and 4, and then we have the jumbotron TV that we can see like we are watching it at home!

          Morning bump...


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            I'm going. Stand E seats in the first turn.


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              I hang out with you enough


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                Who said I wanted to hang out with you?


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                  Someone who won't be there - Jim Nabors.

                  now if they could get rid of Florence Henderson and the Purdue Band


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                    wow...that'll be weird!!! Oh well, hopefully we can all sing for him instead!!!!!


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                      Staying home this year. I'll watch it on the tube. I heard Honda won the pole
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                        If the 500 is rained out on Sunday...

                        ...and anyone has an extra ticket or can't make the raindate on Monday...send me a PM or call my cell phone. I'd love to go, just can't make Sunday (sister's wedding reception in Chicago).


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                          5:10 AM...Off to the track we go!!!


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                            Have fun... its time for me to go to bed now


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                              I am up, digging out the rain poncho to bring along, I hope I do not need it.