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Mugen vs. Seibon Carbon Hood

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  • Mugen vs. Seibon Carbon Hood

    I am interested in Carbon hood and I see Mugen and Seibon as Popular selections. What is the difference between teh 2 besides style. the price difference is enormous. The Mugen is 3 k. and the Seibon is 600. Is there that big of a quality difference.

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    Seibon hoods are wet hand laid carbon fiber pieces where as Mugen is dry carbon fiber and 1x1 weave. It's the piece of mind knowing you have an authentic Seibon hood, otherwise I'd go with Seibon.


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      fitment is the thing I hear most people talk about. Mugen = great fitment.


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        Ive heard people complain about the fitment of the seibon...however I like the seibon look (MF style) better than the Mugen


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          The Mugen part is autoclaved as well.

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            Having seen both in person (Mugen and Seibon MG Style), there is really a huge differance. Fitment of the Mugen was flawless. The underside is a work of art. It is actually lighter than stock. The Seibon on the otherhand is gross on it's underside. It rubbed on my MAP sensor and wore away part of the connector. I sold it.

            If I was to do it again, I would only buy the real thing. J's, Mugen or whatever.


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              Mugen rocks....

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                Mugen does rock...

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                  how does J's racing compare to Mugen and seibon, fully finished on both sides? and how's the fit.


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                    I thought the seibon ones were just fiberglass with CF laid on top? the J's is definitely going to be better than a Seibon