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S2KCA Midwest Driving School Feedback

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  • S2KCA Midwest Driving School Feedback

    This is not limited to those who attended. Please give your opinion.

    Please provide your candid comments on either your participation or thoughts on the successfully concluded S2KCA Midwest Driving School.

    I'd like feed back to include, but not limited to:

    Day of Week (the last was Monday)
    Location (the last was Gingerman, South Haven, MI)
    Lunch Gathering (last was reimbursement of cost of track lunch)
    Cost (last was $225 but for tons of track time.)
    Prior Evening Gathering (last was none)
    Pror Day Gathering (last was none)

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    Hope you guys had a good time!!!

    How about doing one earlier in the year? What does everyone think of even maybe doing two, but let's think of spring next year...

    How did the shirts turn out? I still haven't seen one...And any pictures?



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      The outing was fantastic. I've been to CGI before and they run a top notch day. As always it was very safe and the folks were very friendly.

      The shirts are really nice. Great job.

      It is a crap shoot what cars are out each week but this week we we got to see a Ford GT, Ferrari Stradale Challenge, and seven S2000's. (4 Rio/Spa's!!)
      I for one would sign up again. It would be really nice to have so many entrants that only S2000's were present.

      You really can't beat the cost when lunch and a shirt is thrown in. Monday a good day and the Gingerman Raceway is close to such an nice Harbor town (South Haven) that you can have a nice dinner the night before.


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        I had a blast out there. The event was run really well. It was great to see the 7 s2000's and a bunch of cars that we don't normally see up close. I agree with the above when you throw in lunch and a t-shirt, the cost of the event was really worth the trip. I would defiantly sign up for this again.

        My instructor was great, I was lucky to have Harry for 2 track events. I do have some pictures of this event and will post them up when I get them off my camera.

        Sunday or Monday works well
        Gingerman is a good track located in a nice little town
        Also, we were able to get a discount on the room, but I think that was through CGI

        Thanks for organizing a very porfessional and fun event



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          Excellent Event.. though in the future it would be nice to get together the night before if possible. I was lucky to have walked the track with a memeber of the SCCA who had raced this track earlier in his Spec Miata and decided to spend one omre evening camping out. Other than he and I the track was a ghost town.

          I camped at the track for a mere $5 which provided me with clean restrooms and showers along with a shady peaceful campsite.

          I almost had forgotten about the free S2KCA shirt, it is a very nice addition to my collection. Very good quality.

          Thanks to all of the instructors at CGI and especially AL for letting me give him a dusting as we spun off the track in turn three.

          A special thanks to Harry Cash for looking over all of us while there and providing some excellent technical guidance!!.


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            Great event! I have been going up to Gingerman a lot this summer with CGI and was glad to see so many S2000s! Its been a LONG time since I've attended an event with that many S2000s. I only wish I'd have signed up through the club so I too could've gotten one of those fancy T shirts. I guess my consulation is seeing Harry spin in my rearview as he tried to chase me down!


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              Originally posted by 200kgg16 View Post
              I guess my consulation is seeing Harry spin in my rearview as he tried to chase me down!
              Did you see how the dust and dirt coated my car inside and out? It'll take me a month to clean it up.


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                I wanted to tell everybody that I bought one of those shirts for myself, and I just picked it up yesterday! (Finally...)

                This shirt is AWESOME!!!! I never saw it before now...

                By the way, if any of you that went would like one...please PM me and you can buy one, they are not very expensive... ($22' ish)


                Please tell Chuck at CGI that we paid to have their logo digitized at this company. Any thing he wants to have made he can get with his logo stitched!!!!

                Especially if we do another track day!



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                  Originally posted by hecash View Post
                  Did you see how the dust and dirt coated my car inside and out? It'll take me a month to clean it up.
                  I did, kinda funny, kinda not. You'll get it out eventually, it looked really cool in my rearview. Oh, and I picked up a set of treaded RA-1s. can't tell you if I like them or not even though I just got back from the full track at autobahn, it was raining like mad! TONS of standing water, a lot of hydroplaning, (at 80 plus!) I shouldn't have even driven, but I had already paid so what the hell. I did make an early day of it though, 2 cars found the armco that I saw and I think a 3rd did, but I never saw the damage. First track day in a LONG time I can honestly sy was NO fun


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                    Wow, Mark must be beside himself for MVP having two consecutive rain events at Autobahn. Sorry to hear that and sorry to hear that there were resulting crashes. I trust that nobody had bodily injury?

                    I instructed at the last MVP and found it fun to try out my "rain line" until the water after turn 1 got so deep that the spray went over my roof.

                    As to cleaning out Rosie, I've finished pulling the seats, panels and S-Pods and got most of that clean. The engine box and soft top exterior are also clean. Now I'm working on the dash vents, soft top interior and frame mechanism. Another 12-15 hours ought to get it done.

                    I can't believe the amount of dirt that got into the car.


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                      Wow! I can't believe it got that much dirt in it either! I thought a thorough wipe down and wash might do it, that really sucks, a labor of love no doubt Yeah everyone was fine that found the guardrails, and the water after one was stupid deep, I would say that the track has poor drainage but I don't know if any track could handle the amount of rain we had.


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                        Driving School Feedback

                        Sorry for taking so long to do this, Harry!

                        Anyhow, I thought the whole experience was fantastic... Tons of fun! Woo hoo! Monday was ok, but weekends are always better. I was very happy to have it so close to home, and the track was great for beginners (not much you could hit). The cost was fine, but I don't have anything to compare it to. We definitely got lots of track time, and as a beginner, it was great to have an instructor dedicated to me (things should always be all about me). Lunch being reimbursed was no biggy...I wouldn't have cared either way. Dinner the night before would have been nice or some other event on Sunday (of course, as it was, I had some serious family stuff to take care of and didn't make it out till later, but if that didn't happen...).

                        I hope that we can repeat this next year. It was fun to see a bunch of S2000's on the track!

                        "No Ordinary Moments"

                        2001 Spa Yellow Pearl "Elmo"


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                          Oh, yeah, and Harry... real bummer about the dust and all. You handled it very well. Kept your chin up really high. At least it gives us all something to talk about.

                          And I'm really glad I'm not the only one who named my car.

                          "No Ordinary Moments"

                          2001 Spa Yellow Pearl "Elmo"


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                            Originally posted by MimiCate View Post
                            Oh, yeah, and Harry... real bummer about the dust and all. You handled it very well. Kept your chin up really high. At least it gives us all something to talk about.

                            And I'm really glad I'm not the only one who named my car.
                            I'm really pleased that you had a good time, Maria. I'll take your good suggestion about having a Sunday night gathering in place of the Sunday luncheon. I'll see if I can't manage the logistics/finances on that in a way that makes sense for all of us.

                            You will not believe the dust, Maria. It is so fine and there was so much of an air vortex around the car that it got everywhere. I mean everywhere.

                            I've removed and cleaned:
                            Door panels
                            Door thresholds
                            front inner panels
                            rear inner panels
                            rear panels
                            radio panel
                            clamshell panels

                            And next weekend it will be pulling the rear tray and maybe the soft top.


                            To next year at the track with S2KCA!