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  • arkansas boston mountains tour

    hey guys this looks like it is going to be fun. me and a few other guys here in wichita are going to be going to this. let me or julieU know if this is something u would want to do.

    MidWest S2000 Club - Spring 2008 AR Boston Mountains Tour (BMT08) 4/12 - :shout: The tour is being postponed until April 12th. Please be sure to reschedule your hotel reservations. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 22nd! :drive: Planning is underway for the third ever semi-annual all-day S2000 tour through the...

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    wow no one wants to go for a really nice ride? the twistys and the country side are going to be bad ***, this is one of the best s2k meets in our area, u will be missing out if u dont go. i will post pics after its all said and done.


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      You may need to look at this thread! We've been discussing this for a while already, you are late for the party!


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        lol yep im a dumbass, i didnt see it.


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          looks like most of the info is over on the other site....


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            yeah it is i posted this in another s2k site too, to see if we can get more coming. i know im counting the days this will be my first s2k meet.