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Spring Mod-day April 12th Honda Marysville UPDATED

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  • Spring Mod-day April 12th Honda Marysville UPDATED


    Date: April 12th 2008 -- Two weeks later than last year--weather should be better
    Hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
    Where: Honda Marysville 640 Coleman's Crossing Blvd Marysville OH, 43040
    Honda Marysville won the prestigious President's Award again last year! Congrats on a job well done!

    Menu of services available
    Promotional pricing will be offered for the S2000 specifically, but service is available for any Honda/Acura model
    Final pricing will be up in a few days...

    Valve Adjustment
    Alignment (bring your specs if you want)
    Oil Change with Quaker State synthetic approx $40 (GREAT DEAL!!!)
    Rear Diff Fluid Change
    Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill
    Brake Fluid Flush
    Install Shocks/Adjust ride height car by car if coil over (will be additional charge involved)\
    Install Exhaust
    Install Header
    Install Cold Air Intake
    Mount and balance four tires
    40K Service
    60k Service

    All services will be scheduled on Honda Marysville's website ---> Schedule your service here!
    Other services can be arranged by contacting Brad Lohr (blohr AT hondamarysville DOT com) or Jeff Pister (jpister AT hondamarysville DOT com) I can give their direct phone numbers via PM if you have something complex or would like to speak with them about a service or install. They can also answer any questions about non-Honda models.

    Dent removal will be priced car by car depending on the job. There will be special club pricing on a per car basis. This guy does amazing work!

    Sly will be on call for detail work and touch up if you would like. I am sure he will offer his full detail services too. Priced based on the job.

    Expect a catered lunch on site

    We have approached BackStreet Performance about bringing their portable dyno to the event. We need 15+ people to make having the Dyno financially feasible. Expect to pay about $75 to dyno your car (3 pulls). Arrangements for the Dyno are still pending, so please post here if you are interested in putting your car on the dyno. Any make/model car can request dyno time, but the car must be either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

    Jeff offered to organize a pre-party on Friday evening at the BW3's next to the dealership. If there is interest in getting together the night before, please let me know here.

    Saturday night is open for more fun, likely in the Columbus area. If you have any ideas, please offer them up!
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