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New to minneapolis, trusted s2k shops?

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  • New to minneapolis, trusted s2k shops?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm relatively new to the area, and have only had my car here for less than a month. my questions is for anyone in the Minneapolis area. I know s2k's have alot of unique traits and concerns, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any local shops that really 'know' the cars... what to look for/watch out for, whats normal, etc...

    I'm not overly concerned with any issues, but would like to just get the car checked out by an expert with a lift, since I typically do all my own work, and I'm relatively new to s2k's and no longer have a spacious garage to keep tools and parts in.

    just a note: I'd prefer someone who is familiar with s2k drivelines, specifically the rear diff, since mine has taken some abuse from autoX days.

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    I have not gone to any local shops myself, but another local that posts on the S2KI board recommended the following:

    "For tuning go to Shane at DB Performance in Rogers, MN. For parts, Modern Automotive Performance in Plymouth, MN is about as cheap as they'll come, they will also price-match if you can find a lower price online."

    Last spring we had a local group go to Modern Automotive Performance for a dyno day. It is a small shop, but talk to them and see if you like what they have to say.
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    Where have you driven your S2000?


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      Great thanks for the info!