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    just saying whats up to the mn people looking into getting an s2k cause rallying is breaking me/ my wallet

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    Hello from Houston! to the site!

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      Hello and welcome Get 2 lol Good to see you here


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        Greetings iceflap...

        I see that you are in Minnesota. We are starting a new local chapter here and you are welcome to join us. There should be a post in the next day or two announcing our new chapter and setting up our private sub-forum.

        Our plan is to meet on the third Saturday of every month. The first official meeting will be on May 17th. I will be working on our drive and will post details early next week.

        Send me your contact info in a PM and I will add you to our chapter contact list. Please send your name, address, phone, cell phone, and email address.

        Hope to see you next Saturday!
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          Welcome aboard.


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            Welcome to the site from another Minnesotan. I've just had my car 3.5 months and love it. I will be running mine year round. This site has been helpful in researching S2000's before deciding to buy one and with other information about the car.


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              Welcome to the site from your neighbors to the west. We are in Larimore and Fargo, North Dakota and plan to be part of the Minnesota chapter because the chances of getting enough S2KCA members in our area to have our own chapter. It is always nice to see someone else from near our place. Where in Minnesota are you?

              Rose Mary
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              Rose Mary
              Casselton, ND


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                Welcome to the site.
                Happiness is a nice road, great weather, and driving the S with Sue in the seat next to me.

                "Whatever you do, where ever you go, enjoy the drive."

                I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
                After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.