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  • Road America Event

    Hey Speedseekers is having another two day event at Road America April 17th and 18th. Elkhart Lake Wi.
    Last year was a blast, a few of us S2000's where there battling it out with all those F-bodys.
    Its actually a MFBA event go to for more info. Its $350.00 for two very full days at R.A. very much worth it.
    They have lodging although I only live 45 minutes away, so I'll just go home.

    I signed up for the assertive group only to stay away from all those mustangs that refuse to let a Honda pass them. So I would like some company since I will be behind all those muscle cars.
    Check it out and let me know what you all think.


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    Sounds like fun. I've been to RA many times but never on the track.



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      Hi Keith,

      How's the house coming along?

      I'm planning on being there for my third consecutive year. I did the spring in 2001 and both the spring and the fall in 2002. I need to see how much difficulty is caused by doing Mid-Ohio on the prior weekend and then getting up to RA for that weekend. I may not sign up until the eleventh hour.

      I hope that they do not bring that zipperhead Gigolotti and his Corvette racing team idiots up again this year. They were unmanangeable on the track, broke every standing rule for the event and caused a wreck when one of the "Tangs" tried to keep his position in turn 12 (Canada Corner).

      I'll be in the "less assertive group" since I'm a senior citizen.


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        Between blown engines and car wrecks, 90% of them occured in the Assertive group while the lap times for the better cars in the Advanced group were not at all inferior. Do you really want to drive with those folks?


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          If I get stuck being the only slow car in the ass. group then I will go down and drive with the over confident Mustang drivers. Don't wait to long to sign up, it filled up fairly early last year, and I don't want to be alone.


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            If you go to Road America, can I tag along again?


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              I'm thinking about whether or not I want to go back there early. There's a BMW event at the end of the year and I may do it then. Also, the MFBA may do another fall event. Whether I do it early or late you can certainly partner with me.

              I'll calll you to discuss the merits.


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                If we can do one day (I've emailed the organizers) I might do Saturday of this event. With Mid-Ohio the next weekend that's alot of gas money for me and the big truck!
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