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  • Hello From Wichita

    I am a new member and expectant father of a S2K Black N Black.

    Looking forward to meeting others and doing some meets

    Ironmaul out

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    Hey man...we have a fairly descent group of about 12-14 owners in the KC region. We get together once in a while...the next meet is on 1/25/03.....join us!

    [email protected]



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      Black on black....the best and the faster color config for the S2000. Finally we are getting more people with taste on this board.

      Thanks for using the S2KCA forums, and please continue doing so...I am currently planning a Midwest regional gathering (not necessarily in Chicago area) and hope that many from other states would be willing to join.

      Stay tuned...


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        Yea, hey guys...welcome to our little corner of the web. Mr. Maul, I have your membership packet having gone out about 3 months ago and you still don't have your car? We have had a lot of folks join a week or two before their car arrived, but months?? Cool!

        Angel, welcome...hope you hang out here. Nice avatar!

        Also, as far as meets go...our national/annual event, S2KDays, is taking place in Austin, TX. the weekend of October 3-5 this year. You guys better be there! We have people interested in coming from distances that astound's going to be a huge blast.

        I do have to correct one thing that Urmil said and I'm sorry to have to break the news here, while the black/black combination is relatively quick, it's no match for the fastest color combination of all true sports cars. That is red. In our case, it's New Formula Red.

        Sorry that he tried to mislead you like that. I will have a talk with him...

        Again, welcome foilks...this year is gonna be awesome for the club!
        "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
        --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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          Proof is in the puddin'.....that is, regarding the comment about taste....just no accounting for it.


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            blah blah blah....This is how they ended up on testing by a very reliable source:

            1. Silverstone: The sexiest, fastest, coolest, easiest to clean/wash!!!!
            2. All the other colors....


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              Here is a color summary by smilie...

              Red -

              Silverstone -

              Black -

              Yellow - :eek2:

              White -

              Blue -

              Sebring -

              It's obvious from this graphic description what is going on here. The sooner everyone accepts it, the better off we'll all be.

              "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
              --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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                Hey now!

                You cannot pass judgement on blue until you have seen that colour in combination with "Hello Kitty" seat covers...

                Oh, wait, you have seen that... :biglaugh:

                Well, you're still wrong.
                "Blue Oh-Two" (#424)
                Rick's header, Hondata gasket, Mugen thermostat/fan switch, Mugen radiator cap, Aussie mirror, Lucid's rear speakers, Alpine CDA-7893R & KCE-865B, Muz's saddlebag, Windscreen Light, Modifry's glove box organizer and lots of Zaino!