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2009 Horse Farm Drive Pictures - Put 'em here!!!

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  • 2009 Horse Farm Drive Pictures - Put 'em here!!!

    Hey everybody, it was a great day for a drive!!!

    The weather ended up being perfect and we had an awesome group drive, good lunch and a different type of tour at Three Chimneys Horse Farm

    I'll put up my pics. Brett, Glenn and SHannon and others have pics they can post too

    Had 9 S2000's and 1 Audi A6

    Pre-Drive activities...and breakfast

    First stop in little town...

    Angelo's and Bret's cars...more socializing

    We got to Three Chimney's late, so we didn't get an official "tour", but we did get this surprise - Big Brown was out, and they let us WAY CLOSER than we were supposed to be...

    Smarty Jones...before we got the show of a lifetime

    A few shots of the paddocks...

    Sky Mesa

    The Lineup...

    We saw something you don't see everyday, we wont put pictures up, but lets just say were there during mating season. We witnessed Smarty Jones making money, that's all I gonna say

    Post up pics everybody!!!

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    Sara's Camera...

    My favorite pic of the day...Can someone photoshop that damned U-Haul out of there? I really like this picture!!!!

    Here comes Big Brown!!!

    Brett!! It's JUST A CAMERA :LOL:

    A couple drinks to cool us down after a HOT Day

    This guy (Conan - pronounced Con on ) is gonna get us a good parking spot at the Brickyard

    Awesome to meet dlq04 and his wonderful wife!!!


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      Here are some of the pics from drive....

      These were taken by Sara from the back of their car...

      Lined up at the horse farm...

      Pics of the Horses.....

      Big Brown

      Smarty Jones

      Seattle Slew...RIP

      Sky Mesa


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        Thanks again to Justin for throwing everything together. It was good food, a great drive, and a good time at the horse farm. And I know that Shanelle had a blast as well.

        Originally posted by smac2K View Post
        Bret!! It's JUST A CAMERA :LOL:
        Ahhh... a picture of me on the


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            We had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting everyone. I'll post my pictures later. Since I didn't do any research before going, I thought I'd find out more after seeing the place. Here's a little summary I did from internet findings...

            Three Chimneys Farm

            Three Chimneys Farm is an American thoroughbred race horse breeding farm in Midway, Kentucky established in 1972 by Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Clay. Widely known as one of the world's preeminent horse farms, Three Chimneys has been home to a number of famous horses including U.S. Triple Crown champion Seattle Slew, U.S. Filly Triple Crown champion Chris Evert, as well as Silver Charm, Chief's Crown, Genuine Risk, Point Given, Slew o'Gold, Capote and, since 2004, Smarty Jones.

            In 2009, the Three Chimneys stallion roster includes Smarty Jones, Rahy, Dynaformer, Point Given, Yes It's True, Flower Alley, Good Reward, Sky Mesa, War Chant and Exchange Rate, Lewis Michael and Dual Classic winner, Big Brown.

            Three Chimneys was the first thoroughbred breeding farm to advertise on the Internet. It also launched a series of commercials in 2006 to be aired during the Triple Crown races. The first one was a CGI of swimming sperm patterned after the positions in the 2000 Breeders' Cup Mile, won in dramatic fashion by Three Chimneys stallion War Chant, with the message, "To make a champion, begin with the first race." The rest were in the form of dating personals from several of the farm's stallions, seeking mares. Personalized letter commercials were made for Barbaro in 2006 and Big Brown in 2008.

            Big Brown

            Retired thoroguhbred race horse Big Brown, born 4/10/2005 in Ky, won the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. He was bred by the Knapps of Lexington, Ky. He won his first five career starts. He was named in honor of UPS by the company’s owner, Pompa, who bought the horse for $190,000. Having won his outings leading up to the Derby he was the 2-1 favorite. He became the first horse since 1929 to win the race from the 20th gate.

            On the Friday following the Preakness, a three-inch quarter crack was discovered on the horse's left front hoof, the same injury that he experienced in both of his front hooves the previous fall. Repairs were made and he raced in the Belmount, however, after a good start he finished last. The trainer and jockey took a lot of abuse for pulling up the horse but two weeks later a picture revealed a dislodged shoe on the right hind leg which could have been the cause of his poor performance. The shoe may have come loose during the race and gotten pushed back in while he was running.

            Big Brown continued racing and won his next two races. Then, while working out with his fellow stablemate he sustained a back foot injury to his hoof and was declared out of the Breeders Cup Classic and was retired. Total earnings $3.6 million. He now stands in stud at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, Ky.

            Smarty Jones

            The thoroughbred race horse Smarty Jones, born 2/28/01, won the 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. He is owned by the Chapman’s, Pennsylvania breeders. When he won the Derby he became the first unbeaten Kentucky Derby winner since Seattle Slew in 1977. After the Preakness win breeders made breeding rights offers going as high as 40 to 50 million dollars. However, he finished a heartbreaking second in the third race of the Triple Crown, the Belmount Stakes, being upset in a late charge by the 36-1 long shot Birdstone * - his only loss in nine starts. He retired in August, 2004 due to chronic bruising of his ankle bones, likely due to inbreeding. Total earnings $7.6 million. He now stands in stud at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, Ky. He occupies the same stall the housed Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew throughout his stud career until his death in 2002.

            * Mine That Bird winner of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, in the second biggest upset in Derby history, was sired by Birdstone.
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            now - '59 white MGA
            past - '01 S2000 (nine years), four other MGAs, Spitfire, Stag, 63 Vette


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              Great pics! And interesting story!


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                Nice pics!!!
                I have a video, but forgot to turn on my microphone!! doh! I'll post after I edit it..


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                  Great pictures and story. I really am sorry we weren't able to join you guys for this.


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                    If I only got a picture of where I was hit with a rock while driving...that was a first.


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                      I guess I won't be posting pictures anytime soon. I just realized the photo gallery is still inoperative, after many months. Looks like you won't get to see the money shot!
                      now - '59 white MGA
                      past - '01 S2000 (nine years), four other MGAs, Spitfire, Stag, 63 Vette


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                        Ok here is part of my video.... sorry no sound (forgot to turn on my mic).
                        Also this is my first time using youtube, it seems you can only watch it in HQ..?

                        S2KCA drive to Three Chimneys horse farm..... home of Big Brown


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                          I wouldn't want to have to drive that one lane road every day! Seems like I was just there.
                          now - '59 white MGA
                          past - '01 S2000 (nine years), four other MGAs, Spitfire, Stag, 63 Vette


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                            Sorry everyone, been really busy @ home this week. Here are the pics I have that don't look like everyone else's already. I even included Justin's favorite one

                            I did not, however, include "THE" picture :LOL:

                            Full size versions can be found here:

                            And JUST for Justin


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                              Looks like a great time was had by "ALL"....Gorgeous pics....including....

                              The Bed Bugs .....!!!!
                              MY'03....Silverstone / Red Loaded with "Whistles, Bells & Toys"....

                              Life's journey is not to arrive @ the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to "skid" in sideways, totally worn out, shouting"...holy sh*t...what a ride!"


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                                I spent a little time removing that U-Haul in Photoshop; here's the result:


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                                  linky no workie