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Bluegrass Motorsports Park Private Track Day: Friday Oct 23rd

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  • Bluegrass Motorsports Park Private Track Day: Friday Oct 23rd

    The Date for this event is Friday, October 23rd

    FYI this will be the last reschedule...after this, $$ will be returned.

    This will be a PRIVATE track day, so by the end of the day you will be SICK of driving because you will have had so much track time. Number of cars will be LIMITED TO 50 to reduce run group size. (For comparison, avg NASA/SCCA run group is 35. This will be 12 or 13 cars on the track at a time)

    The cost of the event is $185.

    The track is located here:,0.624847&z=11

    Every penny you pay will go directly to paying Bluegrass for the event (and PayPal fees, those will be built into final amount. I'll eat the fees for the deposit). This will be organized under my non-profit (FEIN Letter) to increase accountability and limit liability. I have set up a special email address for this event. In your information, please include the following somewhere:

    1. Your real name
    2. Your screen name
    3. A phone number you can be reached at
    4. Email address (if different from your PayPal addy)

    Payments for spots (assuming there are open slots in the list below) should be sent via PayPal to: [email protected].

    If you need to pay by some other means, please PM me. I do not take wampum, seashells, goats, or chickens.

    NOTE: Drivers who have done <3 track days will be REQUIRED to go through a training session in the morning. In order to drive alone, you will have to be signed off by an instructor. There will be plenty of high-level drivers here to instruct, so if you have never been to a track day before, don't worry.

    The list below is an image that is shared across all forums and is up-to-date.
    If your name is not on here and you have paid, LET ME KNOW.

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    New date, new thread.

    Please read the header...this is the last reschedule before $$ goes back to everyone.


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      Ok guys....I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY about this. It is completely my fault.

      Track day is moving to the 23rd, I accidentally picked a date that wasn't available. I am so embarrassed about this but I guess after all these reschedules, I was bound to make a mistake.


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        Want me to fix your title? Or am I reading this wrong...


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          Yes please....I PM'd DaveL about it, but either is fine.

          I feel like such a tool


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            Originally posted by smac2K View Post
            Want me to fix your title? Or am I reading this wrong...
            Can you fix my title?


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              Shannon, what's the final word on this...

              This track day thing is like an ex girlfriend. I just want to be done with it and move on.
              "No, there is no terrible way to win. There is only winning. "

              "When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting. "

              2004 AP2 Track Rat
              2007 TL Type S
              2008 TSX


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                I've asked the track for a final yes/no in the next day or two.


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                  This event (as we ALL expected) is cancelled. I will be posting a few more details over the next week or so, so please don't close the thread just yet.

                  There are a few cool things that will come out of this, so keep an eye. I will also communicate with all participants via email.

                  Sorry everyone...


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                    No need to apologize Shannon...not your fault.

                    "No, there is no terrible way to win. There is only winning. "

                    "When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting. "

                    2004 AP2 Track Rat
                    2007 TL Type S
                    2008 TSX


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                      I received this letter from Brad earlier this week. He asked me to share it with everyone affected by the delays in the track's completion.

                      Dear S2000 Enthusiasts,

                      I owe all of you a sincere apology for any inconvenience caused from the delay in opening and resulting cancelled member track days at Bluegrass Motorsports Park during the 2009 season. Your travel plans, deposits, and other factors have caused most, if not all of you to be inconvenienced. We now have all made sacrifices together to build Bluegrass and I thank you for this. It’s a collective effort and many have helped in different capacities, be it building our tire bundles or bringing friends and acquaintances to tour the facility. Whatever capacity, it’s this kind of support that makes assists substantial in the success of our project.

                      I first want to say that Shannon has conveyed to the S2000 enthusiasts exactly what has been conveyed to Bluegrass; by counsel, banks, the Corp of Engineers, owners group, etc. We have seen every possible barrier to developing a Motorsports Park and while it’s obviously been slow on the construction side this year, everything still continues to move forward. We suffered a painful but short delay and the reason for this, since we received our permit in June, is that we had to do some necessary housekeeping and finalize our operating agreement among the owners group. While unplanned, this is not uncommon for a capital intensive start-up. As an entrepreneur I must see the positives of a situation; but I must also be a realist because we still have a lot of work ahead of us to become an operational and safe road course.

                      To give everyone an update so you know we’re still alive: We have everything we need and we even received an additional loan from the SBA, so resolving this and cleaning up our operating agreement is what most delayed this project since we received our updated permit; some of the details of this are rather private as you might imagine. The $15M question is “when will you be open?”. When we know this, you will be one of the first to know. Imagine if I kept giving an update saying “two weeks!”. Then came back a week later and said two more weeks!”. Then I came back again and said.... You get the picture. We'll pass along info on construction progress as it occurs.

                      Now that we’re coming up on the week of October 12, it is obvious we have lost any possibility to host a high performance event in 2009. This means we will not put anyone else through the pain of having to cancel the event, again. As a result, I would like to offer you a day at Bluegrass to use our facility and learn the track at no charge. This event can consist of touring sessions, classroom training, and completing a small survey that will help us build a better track. The odds were against us last year to start paving, and yet we hit our goal to get the base coat down.

                      As crazy as it may sound, the delay has created a better track. That’s right; we really do have a better track as a result of this delay. Letting the base coat sit and cure has allowed us time to find any areas of concern. This means before we pave the “liquid” (polymer surface) we will have a few small areas of the base coat fixed to avoid any problems down the road. These are good things! Sure, it hurts now but I bet when we’re hitting triple digit speeds on the 3200’ front straight, around a compound banked turn and then onto my signature turn called “The Holler”, I assure you the start-up pains will be forgotten and well worth it because Bluegrass Motorsports Park is no longer just a paper track.

                      Once again, we appreciate your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the track.


                      Brad Poppell, President/CEO