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Open Track Event at Grattan Raceway Oct 10&11

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  • Open Track Event at Grattan Raceway Oct 10&11

    All S2000 owners and safe drivers welcome to the open track event at Grattan Raceway, October 10 & 11. See attached PDF application. This event is run by the Detroit Alfa Romeo Owners Club (no S2KCA in Detroit). Info can also be found at -
    This is a two day event with the track being run in the opposite direction the second day, very fun. Thank You!

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    Moved into regional forum...all other threads deleted


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      So S2000 in stock configuration are welcome? Is the rate $300 for both days since there's no S2KCA in Detroit?
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        Stock S2000 are very welcome to attend. The rate is $300 for both days for all S2KCA members. Or, if you know hecash...


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          Runing Grattan anti-clockwise has got to be outrageous. I'm trying to run it through my head right now.

          Right-hand semi-blind then downhill while staying on the right side
          Left hand hairpin with a blind out-track into a sweeping uphill left then
          Hard left to an
          Uphill right down into the "bowl" then
          Off camber left down into
          #6 right then
          #5 left to the "bump" on the run to #4
          Holy smokes #4 through #3 and then #2 must be tricky as hell. Entry to #3 must be near-flat in tight but off-camber for a late apex and a nearly blind track-out up the hill to #2 and #2 must be semi-blind to the track-out.

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