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  • Plano, Illinois Parade - Car Clubs

    The town of Plano, Illinois is having a parade on June 26 and is welcoming car clubs and owners to particpate.

    If you are interested in participating, post it here.

    If there is enough interest, I'll get in contact with Brian Clason at (630) 552-7891. If you want to go as an individual, contact him directly.

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    I think that I may be interested in coming out to this. Let me see if I can rally the troops.


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      I have interest, need more details. (And you all know I am MUCH too lazy to look up the details on my own.) What time is start/end? Is there any entry fee? Is there any structure to the event? Things like that...


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        I called Brian Clason about the parade at 9:21 AM on 6/14 but he was at work. I was asked to call again after 4:30 PM.

        I'll report later.


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          I called Brian Clason at 7:30 PM on 6/14 but there was no answer.

          I'll report again later.


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            6/15 - I sent an e-mail to the City of Plano Sesquicentennial Celebration special events committee asking about the event and protocols.


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              The following is the kind response that I've got to my earlier e-mail to the Plano Organizing committee.

              Now, because I assume that these folks need to plan fairly firmly and fairly early, I'll need to ask for firm commitments to attend consistent with the schedule provided by Mr. French, Director, Plano Commerce Association. To accommodate commitments, I'll post a reply following this reply wherein I'll keep the listing of user names who have committed by posting further here or on the International forum.

              Mr. French's reply
              Mr. Cash,

              The City of Plano will be celebrating its milestone 150th birthday in June of this year. Our proud, industrious, small town will be holding a three day event on June 25th, 26th and 27th. Each day has its own theme with Friday being a dinner and dancing event on Main Street, Saturday hosts a carnival and parade, and Sunday will be baseball (and much more) in the park.

              We would be delighted to have your group join in our parade. In 1954, this small town boasted a 2 hour parade with 30,000 in attendance in commemoration of the 100th birthday. We hope to have equal success this year. Dennis Hastert is our Grand Marshall and there is an array of other entries to follow him.

              So to answer your questions:

              Yes, We’re seeking car club participants
              Guidelines are attached
              Parade lineup starts at 12:00 at PH Miller School on North Lew Street. Parade start time is 1:00 pm. Parade route is about 2 miles and cuts through the center of the carnival.
              Event goes on rain or shine, hopefully the latter!

              My contact information is below should you have any further questions.

              Kind Regards,

              Whitney French

              Executive Director

              Plano Commerce Assocation


              [email protected]


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                The following are the Guideline provided by the Plano Organizing committee.

                Parade Rules & Regulations
                1. Vehicles must follow a straight course in a cautious and safe manner. There shall be NO quick starts, stops or "peeling of rubber"; NO swerving back and forth; NO reckless driving.

                2. No person(s) shall ride on hoods, roofs, trunk lids, window ledges or door frames of vehicle(s).

                3. All motorized vehicles can only be operated by an individual with a valid drivers license.

                4. Persons distributing materials must continue alongside their own unit(s) and not intrude upon other unit's activities or presentation space.

                5. All parade units must be numbered, with numbers clearly visible, unless otherwise approved prior to parade date.

                6. Units must stay in their assigned order, unless specifically directed otherwise by a parade official.

                7. Parade units must proceed all the way, safely, past the end of the parade route before stopping and unloading.

                8. All units must keep pace with the units in front of them, as led by the Plano Police Department's opening squad.

                9. All units should leave an appropriate interval between themselves and the unit (approx. 3 to 5 car lengths); neither should intervals be too large (over 5 car lengths).

                10. Any violations of these regulations will result in removal of the offending unit from the parade, for any and all units in violation.

                11. Any violation, of one or more of the above regulations, may result in the refusal of any further request for staging of or participation in a parade, and/or traffic citations may be issued for violation of any municipal ordinance or State vehicle code.

                12. The City of Plano reserves the right to deny approval of parades or specific units, which have violated these regulations.

                Plano Sesquicentennial Parade

                Entry Form
                Parade Date: June 26th, 2004 Entry Deadline: June 1st, 2004
                Line up: 12:00 noon at PH Miller School Parade Start: 1:00 pm

                Entry Type:
                0 Clown
                0 Float (Description)_____________________________________ ____________________________
                0 Band (Description)_____________________________________ ____________________________
                0 Other (Description)_____________________________________ ____________________________
                Number of participants in your group: _______ Number of vehicles in your Group: ________
                If your entry represents a specific era, please identify it here: ____________________________
                Our Contact Information

                Whitney French
                FAX 630-552-0165
                [email protected]


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                    The Plano Sesquicentennial Committee is seeking submissions for inclusion in our Sesquicentennial parade, June 26th. We seek to make this quite an extravaganza as the opportunity to celebrate 150 years comes along only once. We would be honored by your participation. The parade will include varying themes to cover the numerous eras. You may choose any time between 1854 and the 2004 as the subject of your entry in the parade. Certainly, the more applicable you can make it, the more interesting the parade will be, but all entries will be considered valuable to the event.
                    Enclosed with this letter are the rules for parade participants as well as an entry form. Please return the entry form at your earliest convenience so we can plan accordingly.
                    You will also find there are many opportunities to be involved in the carnival. Enclosed documents directed to carnival participants include opportunities to have a food booth, game booth, craft booth or information booth. Please take a moment to review this packet and consider participating in both opportunities
                    To expedite the process, entries can be faxed to the Plano Commerce Association at 630-552-0165 or sent to us at the address below. If you know of others who may be interested in participating, please feel free to provide them with copies of this information, or contact the PCA at 630-552-7272 and we will be glad send them a packet.
                    We expect this to be a truly wonderful celebration, but that won’t be possible without everyone’s assistance, so please consider participating! If you have input or would like to volunteer, please let us know!!


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                      Thread Cleaned Up!

                      The hijacking is over - Harry and I thought it best to cleanup the thread so that those interested in participating could actually read the necessary information. Happy Reading!

                      None of the posts were actually deleted, they are just out of sight and can be restored upon request. PM me if that is the case. Maybe after the event we can restore the Bravo Sierra so those who missed the fun could have a laugh later.


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                        It looks like there is only only one interested in going. I'm dropping the head-man role on this due to lack of sufficient interest at this deadline date.

                        So, if you want to follow up on your own, feel totally free to do so.


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                            I would have thought there would have been more interest in this. It is a great way to display your car and get more interest in the S2000, this is especially true if you have sponsor on your car for race events. I would suspect that we have a "S2000 Car Club of America, Inc. banner or magnetic sign that someone could use. Greg?


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                              I just got back from Putnam Park. That's why I'm late responding to this.

                              I agree but there's not much nectar if the flower does not bloom.