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Chicago-land Thursday night meet: 07/01/04

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  • Chicago-land Thursday night meet: 07/01/04

    Date: July 1, 2004
    Time: 6:30PM
    Restaurant: Smokey Bones BBQ in Schaumburg

    Sign up here or email me at [email protected] for more info.

    Current Count of attendees:

    List master, do your thing!

    This may be my last Thursday night meet for the rest of the season, so come see me at this one!!!

    We'll keep it in Schaumburg area seeing that we are getting more and more participation from more and more Northerners.

    Let's meet up at Smokey Bones BBQ. I will set something up with the manager there to let us use the "Group Lounge" area to congregate and setup an 'a la carte' style dinner.

    I will talk to Marty (S2000 owner) for recommendations on what to offer for food. This way, we can get price per person down and hopefully have a FULL turn-out.

    If we can do 30 on the last Thursday night meet, I say let's shoot for 40 or more on this one!!!!

    BTW, please no horsing around in the parking lot. If you care to do that, there should be more of an empty lot across the street at the office lot.

    Please sign in here.

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    Im down!


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      I'm off that next Friday, I think. If I can figure out a way to swing it and can get Catherine talked into it, We will come up. Sounds like a good time.


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        If you come down to IL for a Thursday night meet, it SHOULD be this one. Smokey's serves up some real good we got spectacular treatment the last time we were there (one of the employees there is an owner, you may have met him up at FWT...Marty).

        As always, no need to worry about driving back home at night, or renting a room. There's a spot for you at my place.


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          To the top people....can no one make my last meet of the summer?


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            I cant let you down... I'll be there with 8 other s2000's to support you.

            ILL Roller

            10 cars!


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              why is this your last Thursday night meet Urmil. i like to make it but I work downtown adn I will have to comne back from downtown and get my car then drive from Downers Grove to Schaumburg, don't know if I will amke it in time.


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                Next term (summer term), I have classes on Thursday night. By the time the summer term is over, most Chicagoans don't take their cars out. The prime temp. to have the car out is only when it's 60 degrees Farenheit or hotter. If it's anyless, people don't bring the car out...

                In anycase, I will still try to make non-official Monday, Wed, or Friday night meets whenever possible.