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  • New guy from SD

    Hello everybody,

    Just joined up not too long ago and I thought I would post something up. Does not seem like to much is going on so I was not sure where to throw this up so I decided the regional area. Picked up our 2001 S2000 2 to 3 months ago. Already put about 3000 miles on her now. Car is close to 116000 miles. Black with the black interior.

    I will make this about me which my wife says I am good at . I will make a car thread if I can figure out where the build threads get put if there are any.

    I am 34 years old and I currently manage the warehouse at Baldwin Supply at our Sioux Falls, SD branch. I have been working there for a little over three years now. A new manager started in the winter and is trying to get me up front into inside sales. But I don't know how that is playing out right now. Some people will be retiring soon I am sure and he wants me to get the hang of it before hand but I think he is waiting on the bosses up in Minneapolis to agree with his plan.

    I am married and have been since 09/01/11, I know 911 with an extra one should have been a warning on not to go through with it lol. We were married in Vegas since she had already done the wedding thing and well I am a guy and I really didn't care either way how it went down. I have a eight year old daughter (2015) with my last girlfriend of eight years but that did not work out. Which is fine, I do have my daughter every other weekend and every Wednesday night after work till around bedtime. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her at one of my brothers wedding.

    My hobbies besides the newly acquired car are Sim racing and video games. I know they are the same thing to some people but I separate them. I also like movies and I also had a motorcycle that I just sold late last winter. I do miss the bike but I don't miss the payment and the safety factor. I have been sim racing for a while now, I don't get into it that much until it gets a little colder outside. I have rfactor 1 and 2, assetto corsa, project cars, the old race 07 and expansions for that but my main focus when I do get time is iRacing. I am also into video games which I don't have much time for but it's more of a someday thing right now as far as playing my games. I own a PS2, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, XBOX, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and a Wii U. Plus my PC which I do have games on as well besides the racing sim's. I am at 465 games in my collection right now but 177 of them are PC games that are not physical copies. Also a movie collector, pretty much all blu ray's which I am currently at 342 movies right now. Probably don't buy 98% of them new but every now and then I want to get something that just came out or a steel box version.

    Here is some pictures of the mentioned hobbies.

    Here is a picture of my current screen and computer set up but I have a different pedal and wheel set that I have not taken pictures of yet. Pedals I have now are Main performance PC pedals with the master cylinder mod and the SimExperience Accuforce direct drive steering wheel.

    Well I think that cover everything besides my car which I will cover in another post. 2am in the morning so I might leave that for tomorrow. Plus I have to get more pictures of the car.

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    Welcome to S2KCA.
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      Nice setup!!

      We have a GT6 league on here, you are welcome to join, Wednesday nights.


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          The closest chapter for you is probably Northern Lights...

          We had a S2kdays up there in SD a few years ago..


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            Hope to get out there thus year with the car. Have not yet and it's in pieces right now. Hopefully not for more then a couple weeks.


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              <<<WAVING>>> Hi! You are going to LOVE the car, and this group. The Northern Lights chapter is rather spread out, but if you know you are going to be in town (town being Minneapolis) let us know and we will make sure to set something up!

              Jason (4U2NV) and I did S2KDays in Keystone a few years ago. The roads around there are PERFECT for this wonder car of ours.

              Looking forward to meeting you in person, and enjoy the car!
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                Welcome to the club!
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                  Oh yes I will enjoy the car even more when I get her back together. Boy what an uphill battle this car is becoming. All my doing of course but still it could have been allot better if it was maybe taken care of better.

                  So this is how my situation came to be. I bought the car and it had some springs on it that have seen better days so assuming the stock shocks have seen better days as well I ordered up some Buddy Club Racing spec coil-overs for the car. Great looking coil-overs and I proceeded to take the first shock off. Right rear is where I started. Well the first bolt I tried taking off was seized to the bushing. Well that just means I should order energy suspension bushings all around right? Lol well here I am today with pretty much every part of each corner taken off EXCEPT the damn lower control arms in every corner. I finally managed to CUT out the bolts on the left rear today and stopped with that. It's been a long couple weeks since I started this project but hopefully in another week or two it will be all worth it.