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May 14 Southern Wisconsin

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  • May 14 Southern Wisconsin

    The following is an invitation sent to some locals who drive sports cars of a variety of makes. I could always use some company of the Honda type. Any S2000 who wants to come along is very welcome. Respond here or directly to me -- [email protected]

    May 14, 2005

    Last summer several of us drove over to Barneveld and visited Peter Botham, owner of Botham Winery ( He was delighted to sell us his fine wines and also to show us the vintage race car he was rebuilding. We continued to Middleton and explored Greenway Station ( including the unusual restaurants such as Claddagh Irish Pub ( and Cheeseburger In Paradise ( -- the departure time is designed to reach C.I.P. in time for live entertainment.

    Capitol Brewery is very close to Greenway Station and could be an alternate destination.

    The route is all on scenic twisty backroads selected for their driving appeal and challenge. It starts good, gets better by the mile, and ends up great! I guarantee you’ll roll into Greenway Station with bugs on your teeth.

    We’re doing it again Saturday May 14. That’s the earliest weekend with a reasonable chance for top-down weather. The rain date is Sunday May 15.

    Departure will be 7:30 a.m. from Waukesha Memorial Hospital. Anyone who desires to join en route can be accommodated. You could be back in Waukesha as early as 1:30 if you didn’t stop at Greenway Station and took the expressway home.

    Steve Giles, Waukesha Wisconsin
    "The only thing almost a cool as driving this car very fast is driving this car very slow."

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    This looks like a very cool event, Steve! Thanx for posting it.

    Since it's a regional deal though, I'm going to move the thread into the MidWest Regional forum for you.


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      You also might like to drive up to the Sauk City/Prairie du Sac area. Wollersheim Winery would be an interesting visit as well as the Devils Lake area. You could take the Merrimac Ferry across Lake Wisconsin to head back toward Waukesha.