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  • S2KCA Chapter Program!

    "New and Improved" for our big push this summer, below you'll find the revised guidelines for creating an S2KCA Chapter in your area! Soon we'll upload a printable pdf version too.

    Please feel free contact your Regional Director or a Club Officer for assistance in creating a Chapter. We'd love to help! :handshake

    Guidelines for Local Chapters

    Why form an S2KCA Chapter?

    The simple answer is that you can get more fun stuff done together than individually! Besides promoting the fun and camaraderie that our club is all about, creating a Chapter forges a stronger identity that can really help when trying to do things like arrange for discounts from local companies, get raffle donations for a Chapter event, and so on. It’s really easy to start an S2KCA Chapter in your area of the country, and we’d be happy to help you get started. Check it out:

    How to Get your Chapter Started:

    All it takes is to submit the following information for approval by the S2KCA Board of Directors. You can email it to [email protected] or even fill out the form below and mail or fax it in.

    1) Name of your Chapter
    2) Initial Chapter Members – The names and email addresses of at least five current S2KCA members.
    3) Initial Contact – name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and screen name.
    4) A brief description of the types of events you want to put together and how your Chapter will be structured.

    What’s in it for the Chapters?

    a) Free Online Forum: Each Chapter will have its own forum at, hosted at the national club’s expense.
    b) Access to Club Funds*: Money for events and marketing materials providing that at least 50% of the Chapter’s members are members in good standing with S2KCA.
    c) Independence: Chapters may adopt any form of organizational structure or managerial style that suits their needs. Some chapters may not want to have any structure other than a point of contact. Others may wish to have elected officers, get incorporated, etc.
    d) Logo Recognition**: Chapters can promote themselves by creating their own unique logo and using it in conjunction with the S2KCA name and logo for appropriate activities.

    Chapter Responsibilities

    a) Each Chapter must host at least two formal or informal S2KCA events per calendar year, each to be advertised on the national club website,
    b) Each Chapter must maintain a minimum of five current S2KCA members.
    c) Each Chapter must identify itself as an independent affiliate of the S2000 Club of America.
    d) Each Chapter must appoint someone to act as a liaison between the national club Board of Directors and the Chapter’s members. If the contact person changes, the national club must be provided with the new liaison’s contact information.
    e) Communication with the S2KCA Board of Directors shall be conducted through contact with the appropriate Regional Director or national Club Secretary.
    f) Chapters are subject to the same ethical standards as the national club. The S2KCA Board of Directors may terminate any and all rights of the Chapters by majority vote.

    * Club funds are to be distributed at the discretion of the appropriate Regional Director or national Club President, and must be petitioned for in writing via email or snail mail.
    ** The national club reserves the right to final approval of any use of club names or logos.

    S2KCA Chapter Application

    Your proposed Chapter’s name & geographic territory:

    Names and email addresses of the founding members of your Chapter (min. 5):

    Your S2KCA liaison’s contact information:
    Name: screen name:
    Email address:
    Phone number:
    Street Address:

    Select the basic structure of your Chapter:
    ___ Informal (no formal officers)
    ___ Formal (officers such as President, Secretary, etc.)
    ___ Corporation (only non-profit Corporations are permitted)
    ___ Other If so, please describe:

    Will you charge membership dues to your members?... Yes ... No ... If yes, how much? $_______/year

    Select the types of events you'd like to host:
    ___ Casual Dinners/Lunches
    ___ Group Drives
    ___ Formal Banquets
    ___ Autocross Events
    ___ Track Day events
    ___ Regional Club Events,
    ___ National "S2KDays" Event Host
    ___ Other If so, please describe:

    Please describe how you would like us to assist your Chapter to get started and grow: (i.e., sending emails or mailers to the S2KCA members near you, adding your kickoff event to the club events calendar, etc.)
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    :thumbu: Here's the link to the printable pdf version of our Chapter Application: