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Talk to Honda R&D meet in Detroit!!!

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  • Talk to Honda R&D meet in Detroit!!!


    I just got off the phone with an interior designer at Honda R&D for the S2000. He would like to organize a meet of sorts for current S2000 enthusiasts/owners to have us show our cars (modified and stock) to current design students and to engage us in conversation regarding what the next version of the S2000 should incorporate and what it shouldn't.

    They will talk to us about interor AND exterior design, they will want to get a feel for our appreciation for the car, and from that, the student may be able to craft deifferent design studies that will be used for a design concept at the 2006 LA Auto Show.

    This will be the second event that Honda R&D has put together. The first was in Pasedena, CA earlier this year.

    Don't miss out on an opportunity to voice your opinions and show off your car to some Honda representatives.

    If you'd be interested in this meet, be it know that it'll be a Saturday morning event and it will be in Detroit. That's about a 4.5 hour drive from Chicago, 6 hour drice from Milwaukee, and so on. The two dates suggested by Honda are Sept. 24 or Oct. 1. There may be an option to put this off until a later weekend, but do not count on it. There's also a possibility that this could be capped to 25 cars. I will be posting this at the UMW and Ohio forums at S2Ki, so take this into consideration!

    More details of the number of participants that this will be capped to will come soon.

    Please either PM me or list up your intention to go.
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    Sounds cool. Of course, October 1 is simply out of the question...
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      I would love to go, but can't.

      I would also like to see a little more head room (2-4") and leg room (2-3") and a nav system.
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        This sounds great, Urmil. Thanks for the 411.


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          This may be pusehd back to Oct. 8.


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            I would like to ask them to build two versions of the car. One can be just like it is now with the obvious "improvements" that many owners want and the other should be a "club sport" version with none of the Navi, Leather, electric windows and top, no sound deadening and no power mirrors, no center console and room for the obvious motorsports improvements like a roll bar and harness and bigger wheels and tires, etc...


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              I truly hate to hear that they are doing this. The Pontiac Aztek was designed in just such a manner.

              All the truly GREAT designs were NOT done by "commitees" or "focus groups".

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                This is now on October 8th.


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                  This is still a go....Oct. 8th. Don't miss out on food, a drive, and your chance to voice your opinions to Honda R&D and designers!!!


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                    Originally posted by Bieg
                    I truly hate to hear that they are doing this. The Pontiac Aztek was designed in just such a manner.

                    All the truly GREAT designs were NOT done by "commitees" or "focus groups".

                    This isn't Honda's doing, it's a design school. Some of the ideas might make their way to the future S2000 if there is one, but it's not a Honda design-by-committee.

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                      Sounds like a unique opportunity for the design students and S2000 owners, and should be a good time -- unfortunaely 10/8 is the date for a drive folks in Indiana have been planning.

                      Although it sounds like this is not so much a committee to actually design the successor, but an opportunity for design students to interact with enthusiastic and knowledgable S2000 owners, I do agree with Bieg's point about committees -- over 40 years ago, "Butzi" didn't have a focus group, or a committee!