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Car & Driver November issue p. 150

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  • Car & Driver November issue p. 150

    I had not had a chance to read much of my new Car & Driver that came a few days ago, but this evening I managed to read the piece about C&D spending their 50th Birthday celebration in Indy back in July, and in doing so I came across the list of winners of the Autocross held as part of that event on page 150 and I see one of our Club members (and founding member of the Central Indiana Chapter) mentioned -- Way to go Geoff!

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    Time to stop by and buy that issue, the pride of CIC, Geoff!!! Good job speedy!


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      Thanks, guys. It is kinda cool to open Car and Driver and see your name in there.

      I'm a little bummed though. My first run was fast enough to win the whole thing but I had a cone. It was a stupid mistake. Oh well...

      I'm very happy with third out of over 1000 entrants.


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        Geoff -- How was your ride in the Carerra GT at the C&D event?


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          It was amazing! Porsche have truly built the greatest road car in the world. The acceleration and grip were just unbelievable. The interior is beautiful. Everything about the car was perfect.

          Imagine hurtling down the back stretch just inches away from the wall with the 10 cylinder engine screaming close to redline, echoing off the walls at almost 130mph with Hurley Haywood in the drivers seat.... With the air conditioning blasting ice cold air in your face!!!!

          Can you imagine that? Well, I can. I did it.

          The most impressive thing of all to me was that this car went all day Saturday and Sunday, getting the living hell beat out of it, over and over again and NOTHING BROKE even after hundreds of laps around the racetrack!!! The finally had to stop giving rides on Sunday after the tires were down to the cords.


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            Here is a picture from the event. The guy standing behind me waiting for the Porsche ride took this and e-mailed it to me.


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              I saw that in Car and Driver and was wondering if it was you. I remember you mentioning something about it at the Brown County drive. I can't believe the guy that won only does an auto-x once a year Must have had crazy beginners luck.

              I've got a crappy in-car video of my ride in the Carrera GT but have no idea how to post it. I really should have taken some shots of Sollberg tearing it up in the WRX. That guy was just so badass!!


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                Originally posted by karwath
                I had not had a chance to read much of my new Car & Driver that came a few days ago,
                Was this, by some chance, a free subscription?
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                  Originally posted by griffon
                  Was this, by some chance, a free subscription?
                  Your wit is still there. So, I guess the old noodle is still somewhat intact.
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                    GChambers you suck you lucky dog That ride would of been a great ride.
                    congrats on doing so well.
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