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F1 US Grand Prix Ticket Package for 2006

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  • F1 US Grand Prix Ticket Package for 2006

    *****UPDATED JUNE 6, 2006************************************

    However, the Indianapolis Motor SPeedway told me they would continue to honor the price package prices while space was available.

    If you are going to get in on this you should order your tickets TODAY.

    ************************************************** ********

    INFORMATION ON THE S2KCA COOKOUT ON SATURDAY JULY 1 (Starting After Qualifying) is here:


    The S2KCA has secured for our members a special ticket package for the 2006 United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis!

    The 2006 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix will be held on July 2, 2006 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Grand Prix weekend will start on Friday June 30, with qualifying on Saturday July 1.

    There are two ticket packages to choose from:

    Race Weekend Package
    * An $85 ticket for race day in either NW Vista or Turn 10 Terrace
    * A $25 Friday and Saturday Combo Ticket
    * Parking for all three event days ($40 value)
    * A $20 IMS cap
    * A voucher for 10% off IMS merchandise

    $170 value for just $100


    Race Day Package
    * An $85 race day ticket in either NW Vista or Turn 10 Terrace
    * Parking on Race Day ($20 value)
    * A $20 IMS Cap
    * A voucher for 10% off IMS merchandise

    $125 Value for just $75

    Once again ticket purchasers can obtain a pass to park their S2000 in the Car Corral with other car clubs and sports cars.

    The PDF to download the ticket order form can be found here:

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    Wow, Bart, what a great deal! Thanks putting this together for the club, man.

    BTW, I stuck this thread in the MW forum and copied it to the major events forum under a slightly different title.


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      Bart, I know you spent a lot of time putting this package together for the club members. It is greatly appreciated!

      I hope to see everyone at the F1 race this summer. Get you tickets ordered now!


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        Sounds great. What would be deadline to take advantage of the plan? The last two weeks of June and the first two of July are my absolute worst for conflicts.
        now - '59 white MGA
        past - '01 S2000 (nine years), four other MGAs, Spitfire, Stag, 63 Vette


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          All ticket orders must be received by the IMS ticket office by Friday June 2nd.


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            Here is a source for those folks who will be needing lodging over the Grand Prix weekend:


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              With the F1 season starting this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix, I thought I'd bump this thread and remind people that although the drop dead ticket order deadline is not for a few months, the tickets available for the ticket packages are limited, and so people should get their ticket orders in.

              Also, people should make their hotel/lodging plans now because even if there are tickets left for the ticket packages in a month or so, one will not have nearly the selection of hotels/lodging by then.

              I hope we have a great showing of S2KCA folks at the race!


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                The 2006 F1 season is well under way, and the United States Grand Prix is just a little over two months down the road.

                If you have not done so already, now would be a good time to order your tickets by way of the special ticket packages we obtained from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

                The ticket packages are of limited availability and to make sure you get in on the deal, order your today!

                I hope we have a good turn out for the USGP!


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                  Order Tickets Now To Get The Discount Pricing!

                  I spoke with the IMS ticket people yesterday and was advised that tickets in the two seating areas to which this discount ticket package deal applies are starting to go fast, and was advised to let people know that if they are going to get in on this they should order their tickets NOW.

                  Here is a link to the ticket order form for your convenience:


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                    This ticket deal expires on June 2, 2006 -- that means there are only two weeks to order your tickets and save some serious dough!


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                      Now only 9 days left to order tickets!!!!!!


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                        The ticket offer expires in one week!


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                          Two days left -- time is running out, get the tickets ordered NOW!


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                            Today is the LAST DAY to order tickets!!!


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                              US GP Car Corral Police Escort Information

                              For those of you who have passes to the Car Corral and want to park with the other S2000s, you must sign up for the police escort available for car corral participants.

                              In order to do so, please go to this thread and read and follow the directions:


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                                CIS2KCA Hosted, S2KCA Sponsored Cookout Saturday July 1, 2006

                                Here is a link the thread about the free Club-sponsored social event associated with the USGP weekend for Club members and their guests:


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                                  Will you have another special for 2007? I'm trying to work out my summer schedule and was hoping to make it to Indy this year!


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                                    Originally posted by Mocky View Post
                                    Will you have another special for 2007? I'm trying to work out my summer schedule and was hoping to make it to Indy this year!
                                    Yes, here is a link to the thread with the 2007 ticket order form:


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                                      Thanks for the link