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Northern Illinois Chapter - Organization Meeting

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  • Northern Illinois Chapter - Organization Meeting

    Greg C. (OkyS2k), has volunteered to help organize a meeting of the members in Northern Illinois to form a local chapter.

    The meeting will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the Alumni Club restaurant located at 871 East Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois.

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    Would love to make it, but have plans that evening in the City.
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      Brad, please let Greg C. know your thoughts on the geographic area, name, and other local chapter considerations (formal or informal, what events to have etc.).

      Sorry you are not able to join the group on the 22nd. I am hoping to drive up from Indy that day to be at the meeting and was looking forward to meeting you in person.


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        I regret that I will not be able to make it.
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          I would love to go up with you Bart but I will be on vacation that week.


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            I've marked it on my calendar. I plan to go


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              I look forward to meeting you Greg.


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                Based on the folks who have sent me emails and with whom I've talked on the phone, it looks like we should have a good number of folks at this meeting this Saturday, April 22, at 2:00PM at the Alumni Club in Schaumburg, which is located at 871 East Algonquin Road.

                If there is anyone else out there in Northern Illinois, or even Southern Wisconsin who would like to join us, please do so, we would enjoy meeting you and having you part of the group!


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                  Anyone is welcome even if you aren't a member of S2KCA. We can arrange a change of status. The rain for Saturday was taken out of the forecast just for the event. It should be warm enough to take advantage of the large deck area outside. Bring your spouse, co-driver, designated driver or navigator if you like. Many thanks to Karwath for his significant help in getting this going.
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                    I'm hitting the road in a few, and looking forward to seeing everyone today at 2 PM.


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                      Thanks to everyone who came to our meeting today. I enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone, and the weather was great the entire trip, so it was a nice little drive from Indy to Schaumburg and back.

                      The Northern Illinois chapter application will be submitted in the next day or so!

                      Here are some photos:

                      We arrived at the Alumni Club, and found that there was plenty of room for us to park!

                      Soon, it became clear why the parking lot was so wide open -- the recently revised hours (notice how there is a new sign) indicated that the Alumni Club would not be open until a few hours later on Saturday.

                      Greg came up with Plan B, and left a note for any late arrivers. A call was placed to Brian so he would know how to reach us and where we were relocating, and we followed Greg down the road. Luckily Brian was able to catch up with us shortly thereafter.

                      After geeting to know each other and organizing a local chapter, we had time to socialize a bit more, and also take a group shot.

                      Kudos to Russell for having the best license plate in the bunch (complete with the Club license plate frame)

                      Thanks again to Greg for taking the lead on getting the local chapter off the ground!



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                        Ah, the Alumni Club. Many fond memories...
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                          Yes. The several Greg Stevens send off gatherings were a good time. So it was the location for the beginnig of the next chapter. Pun intended. I still tell folks about the day we learned about gasoline. It was a very interesting program you organized for that day. I also switched my regular brand after that.
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                            I wish I could have made this. Sorry for missing it. When's the next one....and please don't make it the same weekend as Fresh Water Tour or Dragonball Run.

                            Hope to see you all at the next one.