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Wilde Honda Car Show - June 29th

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  • Wilde Honda Car Show - June 29th

    Just sharing this with other S2000 owners on this board. We have about 6 WI S2K's going to the event...any chance that we can get more CHICAGO S2000s to join us. We are planning to ride in together. It would be nice to get at least 10. Then everyone will know we own the place. I talked to the guys at the dealership and they are expecting 600 cars.

    Here's the info copied from JohnnyS2K's post.......

    Wilde Motorsports is holding a car show this summer on Sunday June 29, 2003 at the Waukesha County Expo Center. The Highlights are:

    Car Show
    USAC Sound Competition sponsored by Kartunes Auto Sound and Security
    Live installs and how to's
    Swap Meet
    Many of the Top Shops in the area showing products and services

    Cost: $3.00 Per person for admission, children under 12 are free
    $10.00 Pre-registered, and $15.00 for at the door registration
    The gates open at 7:30 AM....

    Fore more info, registration, or to see pics from last years show go to, then click on Sports Copmpact Bash in the middle of the intro page, scroll down, and click to see pics of last years show....that show was at the dealership itself...ran out of room! If your in Wisconsin, stop by Wilde Honda in Waukesha on the corner of HWY 18 and HWY 164/59

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    I've tried several times to reach the Wilde URL without linking. Is this URL correct?


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      Thanks Harry!

      The link above had a comma at the end. This one should work.


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        anyone??? Or is this to much advance notice?


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          It's a long-assed haul but I may try to make it.


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            Originally posted by hecash
            It's a long-assed haul but I may try to make it.
            Great Harry! It would be great to finally meet you in person!


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              Originally posted by jahnke

              Great Harry! It would be great to finally meet you in person!

              Just make sure to give him lots of room after a few me on this one.

              :lol4: :lol4: :lol4:

              "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
              --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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                Golly Greg, I'm startled by your comment. How can a guy 59 years old, 5' 5" and 145 pounds need a wide path? Am I missing something?