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  • Homecoming 2020

    Just put in a request to be included ......

    It would be nice to have some other Ohio drivers meet up for a mini caravan out.

    From 2015

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    Post pics from the event. Wish I could go.


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      Originally posted by JoePhotographer View Post
      Wish I could go.
      It is scheduled the weekend of September 12. It's only 2336 miles from Bellaire, MI, to the 85C Bakery in Irvine, CA (the meet up spot from where you would caravan another 35 miles to American Honda HQ in Torrance). Google says it's only 34 hours to drive it.

      You can't make that drive, Jim? (kidding!)

      This is likely the second largest gathering of S2000s in the US. The largest is a loosely organized free gathering (meaning people just converge and there is no booked venue or schedule of events) called the Beach cruise in SoCal. It's an interesting spectacle.

      It's a different kind of event from S2KDays though. Both have their pluses.

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