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My reasons to visit the US have diminished

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  • My reasons to visit the US have diminished

    We can get Famous Dave's BBQ in Winnipeg Canada now!!!

    Notice the S2000 in the picture to keep it club related. . . .

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    There are at least two within 30 miles of Golden.



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      "Texas brisket" cooked over hickory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sacrilege, you've got to use oak and mesquite wood.


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        You lucky bugger, Jordanksartell just introduced us to Famous Daves in TN last week, it was great food. Nothing like it in Ontario.


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          Nice. We have one down here in the Boise area as well.
          Happiness is a nice road, great weather, and driving the S with Sue in the seat next to me.

          "Whatever you do, where ever you go, enjoy the drive."

          I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
          After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.


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            You probably wouldn't be so excited if you tried some good TX BBQ!

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              Next time you come visit, I'll take you to a real BBQ place...
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                Famous Dave's
                David...aka 'Scooots'

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                  Originally posted by Chris S View Post
                  You probably wouldn't be so excited if you tried some good TX BBQ!
                  That's what I am afraid of. Those who have seen me know I could "blow up" if we toured the South. Kind of like the Monty Python skit. KABOOM!!

                  The sad part is I have only had a taste of what is possible with good BBQ.


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                    Originally posted by Scooterboy View Post
                    Famous Dave's
                    I respect your opinion Scooots, but hey!, that's all we've got.

                    We will get there for real BBQ eventually, and perhaps I can buy you a beer.


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                      You will just have to drive farther south to get the good stuff. Glad to hear you finally have a Famous Dave's in town.
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                      Where have you driven your S2000?


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                        Your still missing out on some GOOD bbq


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                          Went to a BBQ hole in the wall in Hutchison Ks. a few years ago Mmm good Can't for the life of me remember the name, but on our way back from Golden we are going to be in Hutchison to visit the Cosmoshpere and Salt mine so will try to find it again

                          Might not be to Texas/Colorado standards but hey I am a foreigner

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