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fall group drive?

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  • fall group drive?

    hey folks. greetings. i have been away for a while. life has been intense. couldn't check the forum for a long time, though i was meaning to.

    but, not seeing much action in here. expected to see a few group drives over the summer. guess everyone is pretty busy with their lives. understandable. how about re-energizing our group with a fall drive? we could pick a saturday or sunday that is rain-free.


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    Henry! You beat me to it. I was trying to put something together - but as my "talents" lie in the party planning part - not the route part, I am at a loss.

    Do you want to throw something together and we can plan something?

    Bob? Anyone? Bueller? Who's in?
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      Do it!!!!


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        melinda, let me try to look up some options.


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          I hope you have a great drive. Wish I was able to attend, but I will have to make do with the AZ roads.
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          Where have you driven your S2000?


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            hey melinda. my apologies, didn't follow up on this. since there was no response from anyone else, figured this wasn't going to happen. we will have to pick this up in spring.

            how is it going, jason? liking it in AZ? how can you stand the heat? hope to you see you back here at some point.



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              I don't know how I missed the original post. Perhaps I assumed it was a post from a far away chapter. I don't monitor the Northern Lights forum, only new posts, club wide.

              Melinda, we were looking for an excuse for a fall colors drive but put it off this year. We checked out roads from St Paul down the Mississippi to Dubuque. It would have been a 4 day trip but the topography looked like it was worth the drive. Perhaps we could put something together next year.

              We definitely have plans to attend S2Kdays 2014. We spent a night in Hood River on our way back from the PNW Coastal Tour this spring. The facility is great and I hope that location works out.

              Hope to see you there.