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Detailed: 2009 Acuta TL SH-AWD

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  • Detailed: 2009 Acuta TL SH-AWD

    This car was in relatively good shape, considering it was about 3 months old when I got my hands on it. Some lights swirls, but mostly bug guts and pollen/dirt. Decided to do a 1-step polish on this one.

    No interior before shots, as it wasn't all that dirty. Just a basic wipedown and vacuum was all that was really needed.

    I think this car looks better in person. It was the 1st time I have seen one in person, and it looks better than it did in ads I have seen. The paint has a nice pearl in it, instead of a metal flake. I think the pearl has a classier look to it.

    Sprayway Glass Cleaner
    Blue Magic Chrome Polish
    Meguiar's Hyper-Dressing
    Meguiar's APC
    Gliptone Emerald Green
    Stoner's Tire Shine (trigger)
    Menzerna 106FA
    Meguiar's Last Touch
    Sonus SFX Clay
    Ardex Super Fast Solvent
    einszett Blitz
    Ardex New Wave

    LC Blue Pads
    LC backing plates
    Makita 9227
    2 buckets w/grit-guards
    LC blue groute sponge
    SV detail brush
    SV wheel brush
    DD uber glass towels
    DD WW drying towel
    Meguiar's speed shine towels
    Meguiar's yellow foam applicator
    Rag Sack Gladiator towels
    various other mf towels
    various wheel and tire brushes

    Car-Lack 68 LLS (trigger mixtyre) For the wheels
    Zymol Glasur for the paint.


    Engine Before:

    Engine Being Cleaned:

    Engine After:

    Wheels Before:

    Wheels Being Cleaned:

    Wheels Finished:

    Exhaust Before:

    Exhaust After:

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    Interior Afters:

    And The Afters:

    Last Shot:
    I was just finishing waxing the car, when all of the sudden I heard a pop. Kinda like something hit the car. I was at the back drivers side, I look up, and see the owner with this "what the hell?" kinda look on his face. So I walk up to the front to find this:

    A bird just dropped a large **** right on the hood. Thank goodness I was able to get it up right away. It was gross
    I heard this was good luck, so, whatever.


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      NIce work


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        Can you do my car next :LOL: looks great.


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          sure, I could do your car next. pm me if you are interested, and we can take it from there.


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            What do you do for the insects on the bumper? Use a foaming gun so the soap can sit on and work into the leftovers?


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              Duragloss makes a bug remover or you can even try Stoner's Tarminator.


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                Now do mine


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                  where are you located?


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                    That's a helluva detail job! My 2001 Acura TL never looked that good.


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                      Thanks for the kind words everyone, it means a lot!