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  • DRL's

    Need to get the DRL's installed on my newly acquired S2000 I purchased from the U.S. Should this be done at the Honda dealer or is it something the guys at canadian tire can do as I have to bring it there to complete the RIV form.

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    Dave did a nice job here
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      Stock approach

      If you want the stock-type DRL as found on Canadian S2000s it can be done with aftermarket parts. There's a nice post at
      You could get the actual Honda parts but it would cost a lot more I am sure. I'm going to go the route seen in the link, but I'm still looking for a supplier for the Hamsar DRL module at a reasonable cost. If it works out, I'll attempt the same mod on my 2006 Acura TL. I don't know what Acura/Honda had against DRLs.


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        Originally posted by Coop View Post
        Thanks, Coop. Unfortunately, if he's needing to pass the RIV inspection (Registry of Imported Vehicles), add on LEDs like mine won't be legal by themselves. That's something that can be done afterwards. He's going to need the OEM headlights to come on with ignition. Most Canadians who import S2000s won't pay the kind of money for doing it the OEM way, which involves a lot of switches, wiring, relay and modules. It'll be in the hundreds. The best and most economical way to pass the inspection is to get a DRL module and splice that into the highbeam circuit. It'll reproduce what Honda did from the factory and for less than 50 bucks. In fact, if you are getting Crappy Tire to do the RIV and out of province inspections, they sell this product and will do the job for you (for a price):

        You could even just install it yourself. The instructions aren't too bad if you're a handy kinda guy. I've done a few in my day and it's not so bad. You just need to find the highbeam wires and a power tap to ignition and the S2000 even has a dedicated empty one on the fuse panel.

        Dave2k's link also provides another similar cheap solution.
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          I won't attempt this myself so I just made an appt with the local Honda dealer, gonna cost around $250.00 installed.