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Knock Knock, Who's There? (Blown S2000 Motor) Vid

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  • Knock Knock, Who's There? (Blown S2000 Motor) Vid

    AP2 S2000 bought from Copart auction, seems like somebody forgot about the basic requirement of oil in the car while driving it around the LOT. Tow truck dri...

    progress report on the yellow ap2 featured in first video
    new heart transplant took place today, we ended up pulling out the engine/transmission out of the car (initial thought was to keep the original transmission and just replace the blown motor with a new one but since the new swap already came with engine/tranny we just didn't bother with switching things up
    original transmission with only 37,xxxKM on it available for sale now for those that are interested in getting one
    here are some pictures of work done
    old swap out

    new swap rolled in

    new swap in

    testing new swap out phase
    As it was shown in the previous video of this s2000, motor was blown and needed replacement. Today was the day that we made it happen and obviously it caused...

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    nice work!! Might need to save up for some tires now!!