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  • SCDA regulations

    One of the regulations of scda, as it seems with so many other track organizations, is a 99 dB limit. Anyone that has ever been behind me has always commented on how loud my car is. Has there ever been any quantitative measurements done for various exhausts on the S? And is there a standard measurement technique - I saw 50 ft somewhere, would that be revving wot? I have Amuse R1 dual, with Berk 70mm cat which also significantly increases loudness, anyone care to take a stab at my dB level? I'm wondering because I really need to get my car on the track.

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    I have a Spoon N-1 single and can pass a 92 dba track sound check at full throtle in third gear. I can not think that you would be louder than 99 dba.


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      Yea 99db is very loud. I have a Invidia T1 and never go over 91db @ 50ft, you should be fine.


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        Alright thanks, sounds like I should be ok. Singles are notoriously loud, and I've heard Invidia is about the loudest. Dang I'm getting Spring fever WAY too early this year.